Coronavirus lockdown: India, China, US, Italy — How the world looks like today

As the number of positive cases globally nears 5,00,000, authorities around the world are locking down cities and entire countries. Lockdowns around the world to prevent the spread of COVID-19 leave many cities ghosted, let's take a trip around the world and see what many cities look like.
  • Toronto, Canada

    Nathan Philips Square on the day that the province of Ontario declared a state of emergency as the number of novel coronavirus cases continued to grow inToronto. (Credit: AFP Photo)

  • Sydney, Australia

    A lone man walks along Circular Quay inSydneyon March 25, 2020, as people stay away due to restrictions. (Credit: AFP Photo)

  • Singapore

    A commuter wearing a face mask as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 coronavirus waits for a ride at the Mass Rapid Transit train station inSingapore. (Credit: AFP Photo)

  • Chicago, United States

    A woman waits for a bus on a nearly empty street in downtown Chicago, Illinois. (Credit: AFP Photo)

  • Macheng, China

    A train attendant wearing a face mask walks along the platform at the railway station in Macheng, inChina’scentral Hubei province. (Credit: AFP Photo)

  • London, United Kingdom

    A man jogs to exercise along the south bank of the River Thames, near Tower Bridge inLondon. (Credit: AFP Photo)

  • Amritsar, India

    A Sikh devotee pays respect at the deserted Golden Temple during the first day of a 21-day government-imposed nationwidelockdown. (Credit: AFP Photo)

  • Paris, France

    A picture taken on March 25, 2020 shows a tape of a security perimeter reading "Do no cross. Police" at the Champs de Mars parc near the Eiffel tower in Paris. (Credit: AFP Photo)

  • Rome, Italy

    A general view shows a deserted road and the Colosseum monument on March 25, 2020 in Rome during the country'slockdownfollowing the COVID-19 new coronavirus pandemic. (Credit: AFP Photo)

  • Bogota, Colombia

    Aerial view showing almost empty streets in Bogota,during thelockdownordered by the government to fight the spread of coronavirus. (Credit: AFP Photo)