Poll finds majority of Europeans would vote for Biden

Poll finds majority of Europeans would vote for Joe Biden

The Germans were the most enthusiastic Biden supporters

Democratic presidential nominee former US Vice President Joe Biden. Credit: AFP

Joe Biden would hammer Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential election if it were Europeans heading to the ballot box, a poll showed Friday, underscoring the incumbent's unpopularity across the Atlantic.

Among five countries surveyed by pollsters BVA -- Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain -- the Germans were the most enthusiastic Biden supporters, with 66 per cent saying they would back the Democrat if allowed to vote.

Just eight per cent of Germans said they would vote Trump, while 27 per cent were undecided or said they would abstain.

Trump's best score was in Italy, where 15 per cent would make their mark for the Republican candidate.

But Biden's score was close to three times as high there, at 42 per cent.

Across Europe, Trump's decision to withdraw the US from the 2015 Paris climate agreement was one of his least popular moves of the last four years, with single-digit approval ratings everywhere but Spain, where 11 per cent agreed.

His plan to build a wall along the US border with Mexico was almost as unpopular, with Brits the biggest fans at only 17 per cent approval.

A large majority of Europeans say they are interested in the election, with Germans following the race for the White House most closely at 85 per cent, while other countries clustered around the 70-per cent mark.

Asked their opinion of the US more generally, just 22 per cent of Germans said they viewed the country positively, 12 points behind than the next-most-sceptical Brits.

Italy was the most favourable to the US, with 38 per cent saying they had a good opinion.

BVA said it surveyed a total of 11,737 people across 10 countries in October to compile the survey.