UK govt sets out fast track timetable for Brexit law

UK govt sets out fast track timetable for Brexit law

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday put Britain's departure from the EU at the top of the agenda, as Queen Elizabeth II read out his plans for government in a parliamentary ceremony following a sweeping election win. Photo/AFP

The British government plans to push the legislation required to ratify its Brexit deal through the lower house of parliament by January 9, leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg said on Thursday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservatives won a large majority at last week's election and are not expected to face any difficulty in getting the legislation through.

His predecessor Theresa May resigned after trying, and failing, three times to get her deal approved by parliament.

Lawmakers will begin debating the legislation on Friday, and then spend three further days on it from January 7.

That would give it around three weeks to pass through the upper house, the House of Lords, where the government does not control scheduling. By convention, the Lords does not block policies which were in a government's election policy programme.