UK Royals will pay Rs 18.5L annual starting salary

UK Royal Family is hiring and will pay you Rs 18.5 lakh annual starting salary

Ever wanted to earn top dollar, (pound rather), and work in a palace? Head to Buckingham!

Buckingham Palace in London. Credt: Getty Images

The UK Royal Family is hiring and is willing to pay Rs 18.5 lakh (£19,140.09) annually as starting salary for an apprenticeship as a housekeeper in Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace. The family promises that a successful candidate will learn a lot and can build a successful hospitality career based on this experience.

It is a permanent position, in which the first 13 months would be a training period, after which, the apprentice will transition into a full-time permanent position with a 5 working-day job in a week.

All that is expected of a candidate is an English and Maths qualification, preferably with housekeeping experience, although, both are not entirely required for a successful candidate and if you don't have an English and Maths qualification, you will be supported to get one, if you are successful.

A successful candidate would get to live in different palaces around the year, the package is inclusive of 33 days of holidays in a year and accommodation, for which, a deduction would be made in the salary. Furthermore, they get to enjoy luxurious amenities like their royal employers, which include recreational facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools. Also, travel and food expenses are covered!

Interestingly, this is lesser than the median salary in the UK, which was at £603 or a little over £31,000 a year in 2019 for an average employee in the country.

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