IPL Highlights | Russell mania again; KKR beat MI

Welcome to Match 47 of the Indian Premier League. We are at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata where the home side, which is win-less in 6 games, takes on the strong Mumbai team. The visitors are a win from qualifying for the playoffs and even have a chance to go top of the table, provided they win tonight. It will be tough to do so against a team desperate for a victory as the hosts are suffering a rut of poor form. Andre Russell, who has been their star performer, has even come out with a scathing denunciation of the way they have played in a pre-match press conference. Can Kolkata turn it around? Winning the toss might help them on a ground where batting second has worked more often than not. Let's see what happens as the action is not too far away.
  • 23:46

    KKR have finally won it! They have avoided a seventh successive defeat and thus, kept themselves in the hunt. Fifties from Chris Lynn and Shubman Gill got them to a commandable position, and that led to an Andre Russell show, as the West Indian smashed 80 off just 40 deliveries.

    In reply, MI lost four wickets, but a 34-ball 91 from Hardik Pandya infused a few jitters into the KKR faithful. However, once he perished, the outside chance of winning the game too, vanished.

    This has opened up the IPL table again!

    Join us tomorrow as we bring to you the live coverage of the game between SRH and KXIP. That's all from me, Akarshak Roy, for today. Hope to see you tomorrow. Until then, good bye.

  • 23:23

    174/5 after 17 overs

    Mumbai Indians require another 59 runs with 5 wickets and 18 balls remaining

    16.6 Narine to Hardik, heaved to deep midwicket in the gap, they run two. Excellent fielding by Gill at the boundary!

    16.5 Narine to Krunal, down the track to long on, one run

    16.4 Narine to Pandya, to mid off for a single

    16.3 Narine to Pandya, doosra, doesn't pick it, misses, dot ball

    16.2 Narine to Pandya, helicopter again! It was overpitched on leg stump, SIX!

    16.1 Narine to Pandya, wide off the stumps, he hits it straight back over the bowler's head, FOUR!

  • 23:18

    160/5 after 16 overs

    Mumbai Indians require another 73 runs with 5 wickets and 24 balls remaining

    15.6 Chawla to Hardik, googly outside off, one taken

    15.5 Chawla to Hardik, short ball, slapped over cover, FOUR!

    15.4 Chawla to Hardik, sliced over cover, he's playing with the field now! FOUR!

    15.3 Chawla to Hardik, quicker delivery, medium pace, misses everyone, FOUR byes!

    15.2 Chawla to Krunal, similar length, goes for the same shot but top edges, dropped! They didn't call! This is a horrendous mistake!

    15.1 Chawla to Krunal, tossed up, big hit down the ground! SIX!

  • 23:14

    140/5 after 15 overs

    Mumbai Indians require another 93 runs with 5 wickets and 30 balls remaining

    14.6 Russell to Krunal, very full, hit down the ground to long on for a run

    14.5 Russell to Hardik, full length again, smacked down the ground, one run

    14.4 Russell to Krunal, short ball, hooked away, one run

    14.3 Russell to Hardik, full length, hit to midwicket, one run

    14.2 Russell to Krunal, steered to deep thirdman, one run

    14.1 Russell to Krunal, slower short ball, pulled away in the gap to deep midwicket, two taken

  • 23:08

    133/5 after 14 overs

    Mumbai Indians require another 100 runs with 5 wickets and 36 balls remaining

    13.6 Narine to Krunal, driven well down the ground, one taken

    13.5 Narine to Pandya, fuller outside off, struck firmly down the ground, one run

    13.4 Narine to Pandya, fuller length, smashed over deep midwicket, FOUR!

    13.3 Narine to Pandya, spins inward, measuredhit for SIX!

    13.2 Narine to Pollard, spins inward, hits the inside half of the bat, straight to Rana at midwicket, OUT!

    13.1 Narine to Pollard, dot ball, cramped for room, hit back at the bowler

  • 23:04

    121/4 after 13 overs

    Mumbai Indians require another 112 runs with 6 wickets and 42 balls remaining

    12.6 Gurney to Pandya, full toss, fails to clear mid off, dot ball

    12.5 Gurney to Pandya, wide full toss, begging to be dispatched, slashed over point, FOUR!

    12.3-12.4 Gurney gives away two singles

    12.2 Gurney to Pandya, helicopter's out! SIX over midwicket

    12.1 Gurney to Pollard, not getting his timing right, to long off for one

  • 22:56

    108/4 after 12 overs

    Mumbai Indians require another 125 runs with 6 wickets and 48 balls remaining

    11.6 Chawla to Pandya, outside leg, sent 20 rows back over deep square! SIX!

    11.5 Chawla to Pollard, they take a run

    11.4 Chawla to Pandya, quicker and flatter, pulled to deep midwicket

    11.3 Chawla to Pollard, tries to go downtown but mistimes, long on covers, one

    11.2 Chawla to Pandya, similar line but a tad fuller, pulled away across the ground to deep midwicket for a run

    11.1 Chawla to Pandya, he's on a roll! Another monumentous SIX! It was short, begging to be hit!

  • 22:46

    78/4 after 10 overs

    Mumbai Indians require another 155 runs with 6 wickets and 60 balls remaining

  • 22:40

    52/3 after 8 overs

    7.5-7.6 They take two runs

    7.4 Warrier to Yadav, crunched but straight to cover, they take a run

    7.3 Warrier to Pollard, single taken

    7.2 Warrier to Yadav, pushed with ease to deep cover for a run

    7.1 Warrier to Pollard, one run, goes for the big booming cover drive, edged to deep third

  • 22:32

    46/3 after 7 overs

    6.6 Russell to Yadav, FOUR! This man is looking like he's on a different track!

    6.5 Russell to Pollard, he's off the mark, yorker. nearly chopped back

    6.2-6.4 Three dots to the new man Pollard

    6.1 Russell to Lewis, angling in off a good length, he's gone! Edges it to Karthik! Russell is having the game of his life

  • 22:27

    41/2 after 6 overs

    5.6 Gurney to Lewis, yorker, blocks it for a run

    5.5 Gurney to Lewis, FOUR! Full toss, wide of the stumps, powered over covers

    5.4 Gurney to Yadav, angled in, pushed to mid off for a run

    5.3 Gurney to Lewis, full toss, easily single on the leg side

    5.2 Gurney to Yadav, full on the pads, clipped to deep square for a run

    5.1 Gurney to Yadav, struck well in the gap, FOUR!

  • 21:41

    232/2 after 20 overs

    19.6 Malinga to Russell, what a finish to the innings! KKR have gone on a rampage!

    19.4-19.5 Two dot balls

    19.3 Malinga to Russell, FOUR again! He's hammering it'

    19.2 Malinga to Russell, FOUR!

    19.1 Malinga to Russell, bludgeoned! SIX! This is easy for him. It was full on leg stump, and you know the rest

  • 21:33

    210/2 after 19 overs

  • 21:24

    198/2 after 18 overs

    17.6 H Pandya to Russell, takes the single

    17.5 H Pandya to Russell, SIX! Clobbered away!

    17.4 H Pandya to Russell, slower wide ball, dot

    17.3 H Pandya to Russell, Full toss on leg stump, put away imperiously! SIX! You don't bowl there to him!

    17.2 H Pandya to Russell, SIX! Slower ball, but Russell was waiting for it!

    17.1 H Pandya to Karthik, single taken, slower one, tapped to third man

  • 21:15

    164/2 after 16 overs

    15.6 H Pandya to Russell, FOUR!

    15.5 H Pandya to Karthik, he's off strike with a single

    15.4 H Pandya to Russell, straighter ball, hit straight to short midwicket, one run

    15.3 H Pandya to Russell, dot ball

    15.2 H Pandya to Gill, OUT! Slower ball outside off, pulled to deep midwicket, it had the elevation, but not the distance. A brilliant innings comes to an end!

    15.1 H Pandya to Russell, one ru, sliced hard to the mid on region, one run

  • 21:09

    157/1 after 15 overs

    14.6 Malinga to Russell, takes the single this time

    14.5 Malinga to Russell, dot ball, good comeback

    14.4 Malinga to Russell, length ball, too much width, punished! FOUR!

    14.3 Malinga to Gill, single taken

    14.2 Malinga to Gill, FOUR! Poor line, and that is deft! Beautiful batting from Gill

    14.1 Malinga to Gill, FOUR! He has picked the off cutter outside off and hammered it down the ground!

  • 21:03

    143/1 after 14 overs

    13.6 Chahar to Russell, too flat, he goes after it again, and clears the ropes! SIX!

    13.5 Chahar to Russel, pounded for SIX!

    13.4 Chahar to Russell, dot ball

    13.3 Chahar to Gill, he takes the single, batting with ease here

    13.2 Chahar to Gill, dot ball

    13.1 Chahar to Gill, SIX! length ball, hoicked over midwicket, HUGE!

    13.1 Chahar to Gill, wide

  • 20:55

    123/1 after 13 overs

    12.6 Hardik to Russell, dot ball

    12.5 Hardik to Russell, yorker length, chopped to point, dot ball

    12.5 Hardik to Russell, wide

    12.4 Hardik to Russell, sharp bouncer, left alone, dot ball

    12.4 Hardik to Russell, wide

    12.3 Hardik to Russell, wider ball, somehow touches it but straight to the point fielder, dot ball

    12.2 Hardik to Gill, similar line, takes a run

    12.1 Hardik to Gill, way outside off, goes to cut but misses, dot ball

  • 20:46

    106/1 after 11 overs

    10.6 Bumrah to Gill, flat-batted down the ground for a single

    10.5 Bumrah to Russell, sliced to deep point for a run

    10.4 Bumrah to Russell, defended, dot ball

    10.3 Bumrah to Gill, runs it down third man for a run

    10.2 Bumrah to Gill, shorter ball, helped to deep third, well-placed, they take two

    10.1 Bumrah to Gill, full length outside off, goregously driven past covers for FOUR!