KR Pet boy goes missing after gender change surgery

KR Pet boy goes missing after gender change surgery

The shocking incident of a sex change surgery on a KR Pet boy has taken a new twist with the boy going missing from his grandmother’s house.

It is also said that the transgenders had allegedly demanded Rs 1.5 lakh from the parents of the boy, to settle the hospital bills, after the surgery.

After the incident of gender change surgery got exposed, the police rescued the boy from the transgenders and had housed him at a Balamandira initially.

As the boy refused to stay at the Balamandira, he was allowed to stay with his grandmother at the village, it is said. The boy had shared the agony he underwent during the surgery with the family members and the villagers. The boy, who stayed there for three days, has now gone missing.

The villagers suspect that the boy might have returned to the transgenders, as he was telling them that he his life was finished and will have to stay with the transgenders in future.

When contacted, KR Pet Inspector Sudhakar said that he has taken the statements of the boy and he is not aware of him going missing and will verify it.

The police are conducting a probe to arrest the doctor, who performed sex change surgery on the boy, he said.

It is said that the boy was forced to call his parents and demand Rs 1.5 lakh to settle the hospital bills, after the surgery. Accordingly, the boy had called his parents and told them he has undergone surgery for an ailment and requested them to settle the hospital bill of Rs 1.5 lakh and get him discharged from the hospital. However, his parents had told him that they are not in a position to arrange for such a huge amount. Later, the transgenders had got him discharged from the hospital and had taken care of him for 40 days.

After 40 days of the surgery, he was renamed as Lekhana and was forced into begging. He was brought to KR Pet and was made to seek alms at Pandavapura, Mandya, Maddur and other places.

Manjegowda, one of the villagers, identified and tried to strike a conversation with him. But Lekhana escaped from the spot. Manjegowda immediately informed the matter to the police. They took the boy into custody.