Language is like our parents: Vasudhendra

Language is like our parents: Vasudhendra

Writer Vasudhendra speaks during an interaction programme organised at University College in Mangaluru.

A section of the society thinks that language is just for communication. In fact, language is like our parents who nurture us. It gives a picture about our culture. Language and communication are interdependent, said writer Vasudhendra.

He was speaking during ‘Bhashe Mattu Baduku,’ (Language and Life), an interaction programme, organised at the University College in Mangaluru recently.

Vasudhendra said that language itself changed human life two lakh years ago. “Man learned to tell stories and also to listen unlike other animals and proved he is unique.”

“Translators may know how a language is related with a culture. In fact, Abdul Razzak, a Persian traveller, uses a paragraph to narrate how a Vijayanagara King prostrates to his God as the concept was not in his culture,” said Vasudhendra adding that life is more important than the language for human.

The writer expressed concern that though there were around 7,000 languages in the world, nearly 90% of them would die by 2100. English is dominating over other regional languages and growing with each passing day, he added.

Vasudhendra opined that employment was more of a skill than a language. “Even for story writing, life experience and skill is more important and language is just a medium,” he added.

Later, during an interaction with the journalism students of the college, he said, “True happiness in the life is learning something new. When the process of learning new skill stops in life, it means one has lost a big opportunity of enjoying happiness. Our mind should never lose the power of growth. We should develop a hobby which can revive our life.”

University College Principal Dr Uday Kumar M A, Arts faculty Dean Rathnavati, and others were present.