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Holidays include taking some fashion risks. But remember: less is often more, writes Tini Sara Anien
Last Updated 23 December 2019, 20:15 IST

The holiday season can be quite taxing as there are endless parties to plan and dress up for. While red, green and white are understood as the classic colours of Christmas, there are several items that you can pull out of your wardrobe to create the right look for an office party or get-together with friends.

Holidays include taking some fashion risks. But remember: less is often more. Do not try to make everything look festive. Instead, focus on making one element in your look striking. Here are some quick dress-up tricks for the Christmas parties:

What to wear?

Sequins: Bring out the sequins dress or top which you haven’t worn recently, especially if it is gold, silver, red, green or white. Tone down on the accessories though, as you wouldn’t want to look like a Christmas tree.

LBD is back: The classic little black dress makes a comeback during the holiday season. A good pair of danglers and simple strap heels will team perfectly with it.

Skirts: If you have a boyfriend shirt or looser baggier blouse, style it with a knot or play with your imagination and pair it with a slinky skirt.

Red jackets: Be it a pair of denim with a white tee or a little chic top with formal pants, a red jacket can pep up any look, during moody winters.

Sweaters: Avoid tacky versions of sweaters like one’s featuring cartoonish reindeers and snowmen. Opt for the more subtle, classic and suave options; a plain cashmere version is a 10/10.

Exaggerated sleeves: Bring out those blouses or tops with exaggerated, puff or ruffle sleeves. Pair them with black dress pants or dark wash jeans.

Jumpsuits: A jumpsuit in a neutral shade or black with a good neckline makes for a great party outfit. They are simple, fun and classy. Don’t opt for the printed ones; plain-coloured ones work best for Christmas parties.

New colours: Not all people feel that they can pull off hues of reds or greens. This is where other colours like pale blue and white come in play.

What to add to a look?

Earrings: Small to dangling versions of Christmas ornaments are available at offline and online stores. Christmas stars, gift boxes, wreaths, Santa faces, the options are many.

If you feel this is not down your style lane, check through your dangler collection for the best one you can team with your ensemble.

Pumps: Have to work the entire day yet look ‘Christmassy’ for an evening party? Pack a red pump. It is sure to make you look tall and festive.

Add bling: Matte gold colour or silver looks quite festive and brings back memories of festive greeting cards. A hair band/clip, sling bag or accessory in bling is sure to make the plainest look holiday-like.

(Published 23 December 2019, 20:05 IST)

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