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Try these tricks to take your wardrobe from day to night
Last Updated 18 May 2018, 20:26 IST

We have all been there — there’s an evening function on a weekday, and going home to change after work isn’t a possibility. So whatever you wear to the office is basically what you will be wearing all night. Luckily, there is a ton of ways to change your look from day to evening.

It is important to know some techniques for taking your work wardrobe from day to night in the event of a last-minute invitation out, which is especially common given the busy lives we lead nowadays.

Here are ways to successfully acquire ‘wardrobe versatility’:

  • The little black dress is a staple of every woman’s wardrobe, and for good reason. Keep a colourful cotton cardigan at hand for the office or a sleeveless sequinned cardigan to add a sparkle for an evening out.
  • A crisp cotton shirt in a vibrant colour, paired with slim cotton pants and heels, never looks out of place at the office. You can team it with a cropped cotton jacket with a metallic sheen for drinks with co-workers or a girl’s night out.
  • Try a patterned blouse to inject a surprise element into your black-pants-and-ballet-flats uniform.
  • Your pretty blazer can go all-casual with your distressed jeans and a tank top but dresses you up when paired with a puffy black skirt. If you normally carry a larger purse, swap it for a chic clutch.
  • You could wear boots or flats during the day and change over to a dressy heel for the evening or change from a low-key coloured shoe to a bold blue heel that matches a chic blue clutch. By changing over to heels — and especially a bold heel that matches another accessory — you instantly have a dressier, put together ensemble.
  • A right leather skirt can look completely appropriate during the day, and with the right added accessories and minor adjustments, can look totally perfect and even sexy for evening wear.
  • Opt for the sheerer or even sparkly top under your blazer instead of a plain old button up.

Your wardrobe should embody basics that are fit for the workplace and can make a statement — dresses, jumpsuits or even blazers are must-haves. It’s easy to wear what you want and express yourself without being over the top.

Choose an outfit that is perfect for work, you can finish a long day and hit the bar for a few drinks, and the outfit will still seem appropriate. It should make you come across as a strong confident woman who is not afraid to experiment.

Making your wardrobe go from day to night should be effortless! Add a cool twist to any of the fashion staples, and you’ll never have to fret again about packing an extra outfit. Something as simple as a plain white dress which is perfect for the weather can be pulled off with ease. Remember,
accessories are always a game changer. Women tend to focus on silhouettes that slimming and accentuate their curves, and with the right earrings, bags or even shoes, the look of a garment can change completely.

(The author is a founder, Kukoon The Label)

(Published 17 May 2018, 10:40 IST)

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