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What is it that gyms would do differently in 2019 to attract more people to a fit life?
Last Updated 31 December 2018, 19:30 IST

Every new year sees a spike in gym registrations, for fitness is one of the topmost resolutions everyone makes.Gyms are all set to entice you with:

Live tracking of your fitness levels

With the growing advancement in technology, gyms no longer follow the BMI route but encourage clients to use fitness apps and trackers to monitor their performance, maintain their diet, and more. Many health clubs now offer access to live sessions to their members in case they are not able to make it to the floor on any day!


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is going to be a hit yet again as this form of training not only saves time but yields great results, too! HIIT, which is a combination of short duration rigorous exercises and minimum interval periods, is popular with people always running short of time!

Post it! Hashtag it!

With the ever-growing craze for social media, gyms have now started with fitness challenges online that spread like fire touching all the possible points, hence ensuring a greater reach!

More is better

Gyms will continue to have group-driven workouts such as aerobics, yoga, bhangra & zumba as these kinds of sessions not only provide variety but also help develop a sense of belongingness to the place and people. Even trainers like it when they are able to deliver to a larger group and have an everlasting impact.

Got a health coach?

The latest resources you see today in gyms are health coaches; they aid clients in mitigating diseases by guiding them in making healthier choices and behaviour.

Personal attention rules

Personal training with a certified instructor appeals to most fitness centre members at some point in their fitness journey. Now, they may ask for a detailed gene assessment that is becoming more popular with people who want to take their fitness to the next level.

(The author is trainer & gym trainer, Anytime Fitness)

(Published 31 December 2018, 19:30 IST)

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