IVF treatments more successful in summer

Last Updated 18 June 2018, 17:40 IST

A dose of sunshine is the best natural source of vitamin D which can increase your chances of conceiving through IVF. Vitamin D is among the major source of support for the baby’s development.

Research says the chances of becoming pregnant with IVF treatment are higher in summers. It’s been discovered that the melatonin hormone responsible for sleep patterns, acts directly on reproductive tissue to make women more fertile during the summer months, which also means the babies conceived in summers will have six to eight months to develop before facing their first winter.

During the IVF treatment, women require more gonadotrophin hormones, which are used to stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs during winters.

Summer months make everyone happy and less anxious. The sun shines for an extended period of time and people are able to spend more hours soaking in vitamin D. Women, who spend more time out in the sun, are less stressed out. Stress often negatively affects and IVF outcome.

Vitamin D & pregnancy

Vitamin D maintains proper levels of calcium in the body. It helps in the formation of baby’s teeth and bones and also affects immune function from birth through to adulthood. Vitamin D-deficient pregnant women can develop gestational diabetes.

Women undergoing IVF treatment with sufficient levels of Vitamin D are more likely to produce high-quality embryos. Studies indicate that low levels of vitamin D can cause infertility.

Factors like age, egg quality and lifestyle habits are crucial to conception. With amazing mood-boosting sunlight, quality time with your partner, summer is full of reasons to conceive.

(The author is gynaecologist & IVF Expert, Indira IVF Hospitals)

(Published 18 June 2018, 06:01 IST)

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