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Making the best of what we have and spreading hope can infuse new meaning to our lives
Last Updated 26 November 2018, 19:30 IST

Illness is energy blocked. It hurts, weakens. Well-being is a great, glad, giving energy. It flows, sweetens, strengthens. I learnt this from a 21-year-old. When his leg was amputated, he burned at the injustice. He sketched his body as a vase with a crack zigzagging through it.

When he was fitted with an artificial leg, something changed. The fury transformed into a fire to help others. He walked through the hospital and spent time with people who’d lost some part of their body.

One woman who had her breasts removed was sunk in depression. She responded neither to caretakers, visitors, nor the music wafting from her bedside radio. Ah, who’s to know what intuitive lightnings flashed through the young man’s brain? He knew what he had to do. Unhesitatingly, he unbuckled his artificial leg and… hopped around on one leg, clicking his fingers to the musical beat.

The woman actually stared at him wondering if he’d gone stark raving mad and then…oh, sweet mercy, laughter burst out of her heart, lips, eyes like golden sunrays streaking out of sombre clouds. And she said, voice shaking with mirth, “Man, if you can dance, I can sing!”

Later, this young man looked at his sketch of the broken vase representing his body and said, “This is where the light comes in.” With a crayon, he drew yellow light streaming through the cracks…

What spirit! Be a game-changer and live in the golden wholeness, the glad wellness of mind and spirit – this is the young man’s teaching to the world.

We are game-changers! Didn’t we cross over from the stillness of death to the breathing shores of birth? That special, intelligent skill is in our DNA – we can cross over to the shore of well-being. As the young man taught us – the best boat to steer is giving. Give... give…give of yourself. The euphoric adrenaline coursing through you as the other’s face and spirit come alive will be well worth it!

You’re the candle in the parable: Four candles are burning. The first candle says, “I am Peace. But the world is full of anger and no one can keep me lit.” The second candle says, “I am Faith. But I’m no longer indispensable.” The third candle says, “I am Love. But people don’t understand the importance of love.” And the three candles extinguish themselves. The fourth candle says softly, “There’s nothing to fear. Never be disheartened. I am Hope. And as long as I’m alive, I can light every candle in the world!” And it does…pop! pop! pop! Ah yes, with hope, we can kindle love, faith, peace, joy, health in us, in all…opening out a great spectrum of wholeness… like a sky to the clouds…

Hope says: Focus on the wellness present at the core of your being. Your attention invites the vibration of wellness to emerge. Remember constantly, “My body heals itself. It has healed cuts, aches, sprains on its own. I bless it with restfulness, with the power to heal, to be well.”

Faith says: Accept the affliction. Tell it lovingly, “I am with you, taking care of you.” Don’t think “ill” or “disabled”, think “My body is finding new rhythms, new ways of doing things.” Life is a process of constant creation. Be its creative flow.

Love says: Live with deep, sweet concentration. Practise child meditation. Close your eyes. Visualise you’re an infant, a small bundle of joy. Seconds later, open your eyes, look at everything with wonder, as if for the first time, without thoughts, without words… This practice enables all that we’ve collected — anger, regret, guilt - to fade…vanish… Aah! the dark subconscious with no memories is a luminous subconscious; the breath is so free, so life-supportive, so easy in this fresh inner environment. It silently radiates, “I spread peace to all” so that healing spreads in an ever-widening vortex… And you never stop giving…

(Published 26 November 2018, 19:30 IST)

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