The teal touch

It is a roaring comeback for the bluish-green hue this season
Last Updated 03 September 2018, 18:56 IST

You can’t deny the appeal of teal in its cool, luxurious complexion. There is an undeniable charm about the colour that allures. So, whether you wear it on your manicure or on your mules, the hue spells sheer charisma as it unfurls in its glorious goodness across your wardrobe and home this season. Choose your own special way to celebrate teal as your little heart desires...

Closet companion

“It is a true spring colour,” exudes fashion designer Prerna Nagpal. That explains why shades of this soft, fleeting hue are running through the fashion palette this season. “The colour is versatile, with its many shades ranging from green to blue tones. It makes a good choice for both day and evening wear, professional and personal outings. That adds to its appeal. Teal being a predominant mid-tone, you can slip into a monochrome outfit or even blend it with fresh, startling whites and soft creams. It works as a great offset against golden mustard and brooding burgundy as well. In fact, you can even add a hint of fun to a subtly printed or pinstriped outfit with a teal accessory, like a handbag or a pair of pretty pumps,” she says.

Get jewelled

You get to emulate the feeling of lush greenery and the healing power of nature in your vanity caddy by bringing in fleeting hints of teal this season. “It is the calming blue heart of teal, evocative of retreat and relaxation that appeals to your core. When you wear jewellery crafted in this colour, it tends to highlight your skin’s rosy undertones, gifting your skin with a healthy glow. And if you are a lover of all things vintage, then this is the shade you need to add to your jewellery,” says Varun Raheja of Azotiique Jewels, who has crafted a bridal collection to celebrate teal. Sport a neckpiece or statement earrings, or pick a brooch glazed in the colour to tag the plunging back of your designer top, or don it in a jewel-fringed version on the cover of your latest cellphone; the teal touch does a graceful pirouette across your winking array of trinkets.

Calm recall

Team mocha eyeshadow with a fleeting hint of upturned teal wings on the sides of your eyelashes. Go for a pair of spectacles in a teal frame. Pick up a lush scarf or a beaded neckpiece in that hue. Says fashion designer Hema Kaul, “Soothing, relaxing, teal exudes a completely meditative feel. It is a popular choice for home decor as well as fashion essentials as the colour spells a classy and elegant look in its unusual blend of richness and simplicity. Its neutrality complements bright and bold colours well, as well as paler hues. That is what makes it a favoured pick this season.”

So, get ready to make the most of the curious charm of the teal calypso and put the spring in your step.

(Published 03 September 2018, 18:30 IST)

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