That ethereal bridal glow!

Dr Simal Soin lists out the must-dos to nail that perfect bridal look
Last Updated : 16 December 2019, 20:30 IST

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Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. That envious bridal glow and hour-glass figure that makes your bridal attire look picture perfect, however, cannot be achieved overnight.

A little time and effort put into prepping your skin and toning your body is a must. Here’s how one get the ethereal bridal glow and a toned figure:


This all-season unisex treatment that suits all skin types is what you need for that instant glow. In less than 40 mins, active serums used in this treatment cleanse and remove dead skin, unclog pores, extract hidden impurities and hydrate at the deepest level to reveal the healthiest layer of your skin.

This treatment has proven effective for all skin types and addresses a host of skin-related concerns, taking facial rejuvenation to a whole new level. The ingredients used help effectively diminish environmental damage, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and plump and firm skin. It thoroughly cleanses the skin providing long-lasting results with no downtime or discomfort. Recommended for both men and women, Hydra-facial will leave your skin looking youthful and wedding-ready.

Oxygen facial

A lot of international celebrities take this facial for an instant and long-lasting glow. Oxygen facial is powered with the goodness of pre-oxygen and customised serum infusion to deliver instant and noticeable results, making the skin look more luminous.

Laser hair removal

Shaving your armpits and legs frequently can become quite a task. Instead, you can go in for a non-invasive laser hair reduction treatment before your special day. That will leave you wax-free for six weeks.

Use a moisturiser

Dry, flaky skin looks terrible and adds years to your face and body. To avoid this, it is important to hydrate your skin. Keeping it healthy by moisturising your skin every day, will do the trick.

Deep clean with a mask

A mask isn’t meant to replace your daily face-cleansing routine; it’s only meant to enhance it. If your skin is oily, use a mask every other day. If you have dry skin, using it once or twice in a month should keep oil and dirt from building up on the skin. The very thought of fitting into your dream lehenga and getting Instagram-worthy images can become stressful. Instead of sweating and working hard at the gym, you can follow some ways to reduce a few inches before the wedding day.

Limit salt intake

Avoid pickles, papads, table salt, chips among other things.

Never skip breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast helps in activating your metabolic rate which in turn accelerates the weight loss process. One should have a healthy breakfast rich in proteins, dietary fibre and nuts. Opt for healthy breakfast options like egg whites with multigrain toast, steamed sprouts, besan cheela, paneer and toast, boiled kala chana, oats with milk, oats upma, idlis, brown rice and poha.

Opt for health snacking

As soon as the wedding ceremonies start, you will get no time to exercise or control your diet. A wedding means binge eating. In order to keep yourself trim despite temptations, opt for quick healthy snack options like roasted chana, roasted wheat, puffed rice, soya sticks, and nut mixtures, before the wedding day.

(The author is founder, AAYNA Skincare Clinic)

Published 16 December 2019, 20:17 IST

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