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Lightweight jewellery seems to be trending in the world of bling today
Last Updated 24 December 2018, 19:30 IST

In India, most fine jewellery is treated as a luxury purchase reserved for weddings and special occasions, while costume jewellery is only for daily wear. However, there is a change in both the outlook and jewellery preferences of women today. As much as they are traditional at heart, they are also non-conforming when it comes to following customs blindly. Women today are strong, passionate, driven, ambitious, and work hard to achieve their life goals.

Additionally, they consider their appearance as an extension of the persona they want to represent. Women are constantly on the lookout for modern and eclectic designs to suit diverse moods and occasions. This shift in perception has driven brands to innovate and think differently in terms of design, redefining the variety of contemporary fine jewellery that is a big hit among women across the country.

For today’s women

A case in point is that of Kaira, who like every new bride was expected to deck up in traditional gold jewellery, even to work. Even though she loved being a newlywed and fine jewellery purchased for her big day, all that gold just did not appeal or match with her workwear. What she finally wore was light, contemporary pieces that went with her personality and clothing. Keeping pace with the ever-evolving choices of urban women like Kaira, jewellery brands are now focusing more on offering gold and diamond pieces that spell fashion, style, and ease of use. The idea is to create more functional and affordable jewellery that can be matched with any attire.

Women are not complaining either. For them, dressing well but comfortably is important and such lightweight pieces make a lot of difference. Not only are they less flashy but also low on the price factor. The shift is, in part, generational. The taste of women in each group, especially the younger lot, is different. While diamonds remain a favourite, rose gold is an upcoming trend that provides a fresh change from gold and silver. Its warm pink hue perfectly aligns with the Indian skin tone and lends itself well to contemporary designs.

Millennials are not looking for classic or heirloom jewellery and want something more suited to their dynamic personalities. They are ready to experiment with new collections that would have been considered too offbeat just a few years ago. They want pieces that are meant for a ‘buy-now, wear-now’ purpose, and that are styled for their contemporary wardrobe.

(The author is senior VP design, Melorra)

(Published 24 December 2018, 19:30 IST)

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