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Make yoga a regular part of your health routine in 2019...
Last Updated 31 December 2018, 19:30 IST

When the internet is abuzz with the fitness goals of people all over the globe, you know a new year is headed our way. Begin 2019 with self-goals that challenge you, that bring out the best in you. Yoga, a method of physical and spiritual perfection, is the best tool for such a resolution. A resolution is the most achievable aspect of our lives since it is something that we control in its entirety, much like asanas that are the most easily attainable aspect of yoga since it is us who are in complete control of our bodies.

Yoga is a holistic health tool that heals and enhances the human body. A sound body is the means to a sound mind. In this new day and age, where people across the globe suffer from numerable lifestyle diseases, yoga is the tried and tested modus operandi for a better tomorrow. Yoga is a technique of sending a subliminal message to the mind through the body as the vessel. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran at yoga, there is something new to achieve for everybody within this vast ocean of knowledge. These basic guides are crafted for beginners, intermediate practitioners and for advanced level practitioners. Begin by focusing on perfecting one asana every day. Allow the posture to be a reflection of your body and the state of mind, and continue your practice until your body is at ease in any state. Here is your New Year prep kit for all things yoga:

For beginners: unchartered territory

For a beginner, yoga is like a freshly wrapped present waiting to be explored. Indeed, it is a blessing to be new at the gates of this art form. Try your hand at these beginner’s asanas and vinyasas to tingle your yogic taste buds: tadasana, vrikshasan, adho mukha svanasana, padahastasana paschimottanasana, chakrasana, surya namaskar, bhastrika pranayam.

For practitioners: familiar waters

For a regular practitioner, yoga is true comfort. Challenge your body with these slightly demanding asanas and the mind will automatically train to boldly face any challenges of the New Year: bakasana, bhujapidasana, kaundinyasana, astavakrasana, dhanurasana, mayurasana, titibasana, anulom vilom pranayama.

For yogis: seasoned veterans

For the well-travelled spirits on their yoga journey, every challenge is an opportunity. Let yoga evolve beyond an everyday practice to an eternal treasure hunt for knowledge and perfection. Here are a few asana practices with a little edge to challenge your body and mind: sanchalith bakasan, sanchalit padahastasana, yoganidrasana, omkarasan, sirsasana, adhomukha vrikasan, vrishchikasan, khand pranayam.

(The author is founder & chairman, Akshar Yoga)

(Published 31 December 2018, 19:30 IST)

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