Bengaluru blast updates: Seven including MLA NA Haris injured; forensic experts called to the spot

The low-intensity blast took place at Shanthinagar in Bengaluru. Seven including MLA NA Harris suffered an injury. Stay tuned to Deccan Herald for more updates.
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    MLA NA Haris, 6 others injured in blast in Bengaluru's Shanthinagar

    An alleged low-intensity blast on Wednesday late evening in Shanthinagar left three-time Congress MLA NA Harris and six others with burn injuries. The blast reported at around 8:30 pm during a cultural programme gripped the central parts of Bengaluru in a panic especially after the incident of police recovering a live bomb in Mangaluru airport.

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    Spot where blast took place

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    "Haris and two others who were at the spot have been rushed to the hospital," said Dr Shankar Prasad, medical director, St Philomenas Hospital.
    "None of them have any open injuries and are being examined further," he told DH.
    Dr Prasad said that Haris had a minor blood clot in his left leg, which is possibly due to a hard, yet small object like a stone hitting him during the blast. "We are taking his X Ray and analysing further. At the look of it, it seems like a very minor injury," he added.

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    Shivajinagar MLA Rizwan Arshad arrives at the hospital.

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    DCP Chetan Singh Rathore arrives at the hospital.

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    "Usually every function he attends organisers put big chair but he always refuses to sitin that chair, while sitting in normal chair blast happened. If he would have sat on the big chair there might have been serious injuries. It seems like the act is done deliberately,"said MLA Harris' son Mohammad Nalapadat the hospital. Three of his supporters including his personal assistant Mohan and three women had minor injuries, Nalapad said.

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      NA Haris had gone as a guest on the occasion of MGR's birthday and there were firecrackers which were being burst and at this point of time, a powerful firecracker exploded near his leg.

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    Mohd Haris Nalapad, son of MLA NA Haris said, “The back of his right leg has burned. He’s under observation. Three Congress workers who were with him have sustained injury." He also said that it was a green colour plastic explosive thing which he doesn't know what exactly it was."If it had fallen on the chair he was supposed to sit on, God helpus. But, it hit the floor and fell next to him. It looked as though it was thrown at him. This was planned. I have faith in the police. The blast took everyone by surprise. My father has no police or personal security,” Nalapad said.

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    Bomb Blast in Shanthinagar Bangalore, 6 injured

    Low-intensity blast in Shanthinagar leaves MLA and five others injured. The blast took place around 8:30 P.M. in Shanthinagar where MLA NA Harris was attending a cultural programme. According to sources, the blast has left MLA and six others with burn injuries. All the injured have been rushed to the Philomina hospital in Victoria layout.

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