BENGALURU LIVE - Feb 9, 2019

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  • 17:26

    Sudden downpour catches Bengalureans off guard.

  • 15:11

    Inquiry needed into 'Operation Kamala' audio tape: HDK

    Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on Saturday clarified that he did not say that the voice heard in the audio clip on ‘Operation Kamala’ released by him on Friday was that of BJP President B S Yeddyurappa.


  • 15:09

    Bengaluru Civic Fest 2019 on Feb 14 at Freedom Park

  • 14:28

    Eco-friendly restaurant on Brigade Road

    A new restaurant called By Chance, a one-stop spot for drinks, pizza and more has come to town. Still, in its nascent stage, the restaurant has customers coming in because of the eye-catching garden and big screen.

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  • 14:26

    Enough preaching. Fix footpaths

    The 30th Road Safety Week is being observed across the country from February 4 till 10. The annual event aims at raising public awareness and reducing road-related accidents and fatalities.

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  • 13:46

    BBMP's app to keep tab on stray dogs in Bengaluru

    The BBMPhas some good news for pet lovers and animal activists in the city. It plans to come out with an app called ‘Shwana’, to track details of each dog, regarding birth control surgery, recovery and even its relocation.

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  • 13:32

    2-yr imprisonment for man who eloped, raped minor girl

    A special court on Friday convicted a man who had eloped with a minor girl and sexually assaulted her in Jagjeevanram Nagar in October 2015.

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  • 12:57

    BBMP proposes to raise penalty for burning waste

    To control the increasing cases of burning of garbage and dry leaves, the BBMPhas proposed to raise the penalty amount, and start penalising the offenders.

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  • 12:09

    BC Patil says he’s unhappy, but won’t jump ship

    Disgruntled MLA BC Patil met Siddaramaiah, claiming alleigance to the Congress.

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  • 11:54

    Bengaluru techies falling for dubious deals

    Despite their education, techies are among the most gullible in Bengaluru and get cheated when they try to buy apartments and land.

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  • 11:30

    Appointment of senior advocates challenged

    Karnataka high court ordersemergent notices to the Centre, the high court registrar general, the committee for designation of senior advocates of the High Court of Karnataka and 17 newly appointed senior advocates while hearing a petition challenging their appointment as senior advocates.

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  • 11:28

    Bengaluru City Police's warning to rule-breakers

  • 11:01

    Mark your alarms for tonight's Bengaluru FC vs Chennaiyin FC

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  • 10:33

    Coconut thieves frustrate horticulture dept’s plans

    The Elite seed coconut farm in East Bengaluru’s Kannamangala is getting ready to be transformed into a mini-Lalbagh, but authorities are facing problems.

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  • 10:00

    Smart parking facility at 87 roads in Bengaluru

    Conceptualised previously and missing out on several deadlines, the smart parking system for vehicles has yet again been proposed in the State Budget.

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  • 09:41

    Budget aims to transform Bengaluru into global city

    At a time when the city is grappling with many basic problems such as drinking water woes, garbage, bad roads and other woes, the state Budget aims to transform Bengaluru into a ‘global city’ through many offers.

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  • 09:25

    Doctor falls for 'anti-ageing Tulasi herbal', cheated

    Heard of the magic potion that could make you 20 years younger?O R Srirangappa, 62, sure did. And what makes it more baffling is the fact that Srirangappa is a certified doctor.

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  • 09:13

    Christ PUC turns Kannada syllabus into YouTube videos

    Christ PU college has given a digital touch to its Kannada curriculum by presenting the first and second-year syllabus in a series of YouTube videos.

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  • 08:52

    Budget 2019: BBMP gets massive push for key projects

    Bengaluru has received a massive push for various development of projects in the state Budget this time, as a total of Rs 8,015 crore has been allocated under the ‘Nava Bengaluru Kriya Yojane’.

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  • 08:19

    Govt deals a blow to beer lovers

    With Summer not far away, beer lovers are in for some bad news.The brew is going to get costly as the state government has increased additional excise duty on it.

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  • 08:18

    Budget 2019: Controversial steel flyover finds no place

    Cautious of courting a bitter controversy and facing the wrath of Bengalureans ahead of general polls Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on Friday ‘dropped’ the controversial steel flyover project from his Budget speech.

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  • 08:16

    City mobility scheme gets Rs 50 cr, that’s all

    Rs 50 crore towards ‘Bengaluru Mobility Scheme’ plans to integrate metro with BMTC and develop multi-modal transit hubs at six places stand out as major allocations for the city.

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