Bengaluru News- December 2, 2018

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    Here is something, if you haven't planned anything yet for the weekend!

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    Part of Cottonpete road caves in

    A portion of Cottonpete Main road caved in on Saturday morning, troubling motorists along the stretch.

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    Bengaluru to lose an icon as Rex Cinema set to close

    December 31, 2018, will not only mark the end of the old year for Bengaluru citizens, but also the end to another iconic theatre in Rex Cinema, which will shut down for good.

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    For the zoo enthusiasts in Bengaluru

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    '3WAYSTE offers a smart solution to the global garbage challenge'

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    Four Bengaluru passengers rob Ola cab driver, force his wife to strip on video call

    "When Ola cab driver Somashekhar got a booking for going to Bengaluru’s Adugodi to Dommasandra on Friday night, little did he know that it would turn out to be the worst experience of his life. The four men who boarded his cab at 10.30pm robbed him off all his money, thrashed him and asked his wife to strip for them on a video call and took screenshots of it," reports News 18.

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    Elevated corridor to result in 53 bottlenecks

    IISc professor Ashish Verma cautioned that the Rs 25,495 crore elevated corridor will only create 53 new traffic bottlenecks as it will only transfer congestion from one part of the city to another.

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    A 'forest marathon' to planting 14000 saplings in next 3 weeks in Bengaluru!

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    Today is the last day of the Handmade Collective's exhibition at Jayamahal Hotel (behind Cantt railway station).

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    How to start a day in Bengaluru?

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    Traffic stories everywhere!

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    Women from slums trained to be cab drivers

    15 women in the city to gets trained as drivers by Bengaluru-based NGO Action Aid and DXC Technology. In all, 60 women from Bengaluru and Jaipur hailing from low-income families have benefited from this training.

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    UMTA, curbs on private vehicles to ease congestion

    Speaking at DH’s interactive event as part of DH & PV Citizens for Civic Amenities to open a debate on Bengaluru’s traffic problems, the senior official noted that the matter of transport was split between different corporations handled by different departments.

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    Check out the DH and Citizens for Civic Amenities' discussion on the city's traffic woes held yesterday. Click the Tweet to follow the thread. More stories to come up here as well.

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    Weather update

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    Good morning Bengaluru!