And it’s a wrap!

And it’s a wrap!

Winter’s here and it’s time to update your wardrobe. Sushmita Murthy gets fashion designers talking about the season’s essentials

Gone are the days when sweatshirts made only for a college wardrobe. This winter classic has reinvented itself, too.

If you’re someone who enjoys the morning routine of picking out what to wear, then winter is probably the best time for you. For one, it allows optimum utilisation of the wardrobe and two, it doubles the scope of mixing and matching! It lets you throw on anything and everything as long as you toss it over in style or layer it right. ‘Layering’ being the buzzword in the sartorial winter world. Here’s how you can nail this style.

Sensuous scarves

Scarves have always been integral to winter fashion and yet they evolve with every passing season. Designer Swapna Anumolu is all for the blanket scarf this winter. This scarf, as the name suggests, is so huge that it can double up as a blanket. “A blanket scarf wrapped around the neck in different styles looks quirky and gives the outfit a new look altogether. It looks extremely fancy and vogue, giving a new depth to the outfit,” says Swapna. While checkered blanket scarves look classic, those with prints and bold designs are available in the market, too. Unlike other scarves that add to an overall look, this one is pretty much the attention seeker that the rest of the ensemble revolves around.

Monochromatic scarves in bold or fuchsia hues lend a dramatic pop to the otherwise understated tones such as browns, maroons, mustards and forest-greens that will dominate the winter palette this season. Scarves with tassels on the edges add to the fun quotient of a look, too.

Sizzling sweatshirts & sweaters

Gone are the days when sweatshirts made only for a college wardrobe. This winter classic has reinvented itself, too. Designer Shahin Mannan believes it can swing from casual to semi-formal with one little detail. “The best ensembles this season for a casual look will be a quirky sweatshirt paired with jeans and white sneakers. To make the look semi-formal, a sweatshirt can also be worn with a white shirt, revealing the collars to channel a distinctive style,” she says. Oversized sweatshirts teamed with edgy nylon tights make for a fun look while keeping you warm.

Sweaters tend to slip out of the wardrobe as we grow older, making way for cooler jackets and cardigans. But the humble sweater is making a big comeback. Monochromatic sweaters tucked into a classic pair of jeans or tapered cotton pants make for a chic look. Throw in a pair of sneakers or even closed wedges and you’re good to go!

Comfy jackets & cardigans

Not all of us may be faced with weather that calls for a classic winter jacket. So, a thin stylish overall thrown on is a great go-to, too. “We love all things comfy and oversized; a striped printed blazer would be a perfect match to say, ninja pants and a classic pair of tan brogues or thigh-high boots,” chip in designers Pranav Guglani and Neha Singh who also strongly recommend Peter Pan collar jackets that make for a great statement. Speaking of comfy, easy-to-slip-into fashion, “I personally find capes and long sleeveless jackets most flattering and style savvy, especially since they can be paired with a crisp shirt, offering a complete look,” adds Shahin.

And for those who are around much cooler climes, there’s the quilt jacket. Just the look of a quilt jacket exudes the warmth and comfort of a toasty bed. “Quilt stitch is trending and makes the outfit look peppy. It can be paired with nylon tights to keep oneself warm and at the same time not compromise on the fashion quotient,” adds Swapna. Boyfriend jackets that made an appearance a while ago are still thriving and make for great statement clothing, especially if you go for ones in fun colours and pair them with a simple black or white top. The long cardigan is a key outwear piece for this winter, perfect for days when people want to feel warm and comfortable. Leather jackets are another timeless wardrobe investment this season, suggests designer Rhea Pillai Rastogi.

Also, animal prints are a making a huge comeback, so look out for some dramatic and bold prints.

Rejig the summer wardrobe!

A great way to optimise your daily wardrobe to suit the winter chills is to pull out the summer dresses! Wait, what? Rhea suggests, “Go back to the summer dress and team it up with some hot tights or leggings along with a pretty cardigan and a scarf.” Given that we don’t experience severe winters, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest in proper winter clothing, so this is a great way to merge the two.

Have fun with leggings & socks

Printed leggings or those in psychedelic and fuschia colours add a whimsical touch to a look just as quirky socks do. Team up a bright pair of leggings or tights with a dull, loose sweater or a plain summer dress and a cardigan. And let a colourful pair of socks peep out of those loafers!