Boost your immunity with a cup of tea

Boost your immunity with a cup of tea

Have you had your cup of chai?

Herbal tea

Monsoons are synonymous with cold, flu, fever etc, and what better way to boost your immunity but with a cup of tea. Rich in antioxidants, tea can protect you from free radicals and similar compounds in the body. Let’s look at teas that you need to sip on to stay disease-free:

Herbal tea: This go-to drink is consumed to enhance immunity, boost brain functions and fight exhaustion. A traditional tea contains cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, clove and fennel.

Green tea: This magic potion protects against oxidative stress and also prevents of autoimmune diseases. The best green tea is matcha, which has double the amount of antioxidants than regular green tea. It also contains potassium, iron, calcium, protein, vitamins C and A.

White tea: This is an ideal beverage for rainy reason. It holds the highest amount of antioxidants as it is the least processed. White tea also preserves the skin’s natural collagen.

Peppermint tea: This tea contains menthol which helps lower high-grade fever and controls dry cough. It also relieves abdominal gas, bloating, muscle spasms and nausea.

Rose tea: Packed with vitamin C, malic acid, pectin and citric acid, rose tea makes some admirably safe diuretics. A warm cup of rose tea is an effective cure for a sore throat. It is also known to boost digestion, thereby ensuring a healthy gut.

(The author is HOD — clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital)