Dreams are for real...

Dreams are for real...

New Year’s here. It’s the time to believe, dream and create the best life for ourselves, writes Dorothy Victor

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.

The enemy of the best, it is said, is good. While the cliché ‘it’s good enough’ rules our understanding to stay put with our mediocre lives, a vast majority develop cold feet in rocking the boat. Settling for that which works urges us to stay in the comfort zone and carry on snug and satisfied in going through the motions day after day. But the New Year’s here, and with its arrival, it’s time to take stock and evaluate; in fact, it’s time to believe, dream and create – the best life this New Year.


That’s the watchword. It’s not resolutions or willpower. It’s either got to do with refraining ourselves or being compelling. Rather the magic to unfolding the best life through the course of the New Year can be summed up in one word - belief. Before anything worthy or spectacular can occur in our lives, the belief that it is indeed possible ought to take root in the depths of the heart. An alcoholic ought to believe that being sober on a consistent basis is possible; the belief that work-life-balance is doable is important for a busy executive to find time for family and friends; believing that the achievement of anything that the heart can conceive is important before it can be translated into victory. A thing can be done only if the belief that it can be done prevails. William James said it well with - “Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.”


Once the belief is truly internalised before it can be transformed into reality, it has to be transported in the mind vividly through images and pictures. In short, one has to dream about it. Experts advise that dreams be specific. For instance, a person who wants to attain financial mastery should actually spend time dreaming about his attitude towards money, the wisdom with which he will spend his monetary affluence appropriately, and his overall philosophy in earning, spending and saving money. This image he has of himself in his mind through his dreams will give him the necessary push in the direction of converting his dreams into something that can be achieved. Besides, one is never too late to dream big in life. Begin today, dream big, and the universe will show a way to make the dream real. Perhaps a word of caution here! One should also know his personal limitations and dreaming something way too gigantic and out of reasonable proportion to abilities could result in disappointments and frustrations. The trick is in going past our preconceived and wrong notions of limitations and dreaming big goals for ourselves. The path to living the best life is most often just a dream away.


Nothing great ever happened until it was created painstakingly, step by step, one day at a time. So it is with crafting the best life. It does not simply happen. Neither is it handed down to us on a platter. It is the outcome of conscious effort and deliberate choices. It is the product of discipline, hard work and consistency. It is the consequence of awareness and the willingness to change. It is the spirit that when set in motion is unstoppable and unconquerable. It is the means to glorious life.

Creating the best life must, therefore, start today, no matter what the past has been. And what is the best life is often a subject of controversial discussion. It is, for the most part, a personal matter. It is for each person to figure out, based on his perspective and situation. Just as each one of us is unique, what is considered the best life will vary from person to person. However, going by those who have lived remarkable lives, living the best life is marked by certain common characteristics. It encompasses having a definite and worthy goal in mind and chasing that goal with integrity and diligence. It entails throwing our whole self into something worth living for; or put in another way, worth dying for!

So, wake up to a new life this New Year. Believe in the best. Dream the best. Create the best life you’ve ever lived. And don’t forget to start today. As Eckhart Tolle said, “The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present.”