7 snazzy ways to style white sneakers

7 snazzy ways to style white sneakers

Don't be scared of owning white sneakers. Just find ways to style them right

Sneakers provide youthfulness to any ensemble, lending colour and edge to the simplest of clothing. A pair of white sneaker can create a stunning outfit when combined with simple yet stylish clothing. As with most trends, the look is fresh and edgy when done right, but if not on point, it can make you look unappealing.

Most of us are quite confused when it comes to investing in a pair of white shoes. We worry about how difficult it is going to be to maintain them, or, how to pair them with the right outfit. However, if you master a few simple tricks, a pair of white sneakers can add freshness to your casual streetwear attire. Think of pairing them with something other than the run-of-the-mill T-shirt! 

Come summer, a great pair of white sneakers is a wardrobe must. They work with literally everything in your closet: bright colours, neutral tones, jeans, trousers, shorts — what more? They even look great with a suit. From chinos to suits, jeans, and blazers, from casual summer shirts to trendy waistcoats and even your ethnic kurta can look outstanding with the right pair of white sneakers adorning your feet. To keep your summer style on point, here are seven stylish ways to wear white sneakers with your outfits:

  • A deep blue check shirt worn over a white T-shirt with black slim-fit jeans is a comfortable option for running errands in the city. For a more relaxed take, rock a pair of white sneakers to get a few stares.
  • A combination of white kurta and blue polka-dotted trousers is perfect for off-duty occasions. White sneakers add a new dimension to this otherwise classic look, making it a perfect choice for laid-back celebrations or even a casual outing with friends. The kurta-style particularly works well for men who want to create their own signature style.
  • A combo of multi-coloured check shirt over a white t-shirt and grey slim-fit jeans is another look for weekend activities. White sneakers will contrast beautifully against the rest of the look.
  • Busy days call for a simple yet stylish outfit, such as a colourful check shirt and blue shorts. This look has its own charm; it shows your confidence and automatically makes you appear classy. Complete your look with white low-top sneakers and you are good to go.
  • For an everyday outfit that is full of character and personality, wear an olive-coloured checked shirt with a white T-shirt and a pair of grey jeans. Complement this look with white leather low-top sneakers that show that you do your homework well before you choose an outfit.
  • Marry a light blue checked waistcoat with black skin-hugging jeans to ooze class and sophistication. For footwear, go down the casual route with white leather low-top sneakers.
  • Party days call for a simple yet stylish outfit, like the multi-coloured blue waistcoat over a T-shirt and a pair of black jeans. White low-top sneakers are a good choice to complete the look.

Whether you are committed to the athletic look or want to go for a contrasting individual style, there are plenty of ways to style sneakers this season. Flaunt them in sync with the mood you are in. Basically, think of the white sneaker as a foundation from which you can build any outfit.

However, don’t forget the basic sneaker rules, buy a pair of sneakers that befit your current wardrobe; wear them to the right occasions, and most importantly, keep them clean.

(The author is the founder of Chokore)