Colour me bright & healthy

Colour me bright & healthy

Want coloured hair but don't know how to take care of it? Here are a few helpful suggestions, writes Chandini

Getting the right hair treatment is important to maintain the quality of your coloured hair.

Women constantly keep experimenting with their looks as new fashion trends come out almost on a daily basis. A lot of them like to experiment with different hairdos, but very few opt for hair colouring because there are fears of choosing the wrong colour, the damage hair colouring causes and more. It’s true, any sort of chemical treatment that alters your hair’s colour or structure is likely to cause damage. But there are ways to keep your hair healthy while flaunting a fresh hair colour. Here’s how:

• Use quality products: It is necessary to opt for professional quality colour care products to protect and soften your chemically colour-treated hair and make it look more natural and healthy. Quality products make hair look conditioned and super shiny while locking in and extending the life of the hair colour.

One can opt for products with sunflower extracts, which provides intense UVA & UVB protection that prevents the colour from fading due to harsh sun rays, while the conditioning agents and extracts work on the overall nourishment and treatment of the chemically treated hair adding natural moisture and shine. Not only does a styling range designed specifically for coloured hair keep the style intact, but it also repairs and protects the hair from any further damage.

• Head to a hair spa: Getting the right hair treatment is important to maintain the quality of your coloured hair. Since your hair is over-exposed to the polluted environment around, a spa helps eliminate all the dirt, pollutants and impurities. A regular spa enriches your hair and provides that extra nourishment to maintain your hair strength and shine. When you opt for a hair spa, make sure the products used in these treatments are suitable for your hair textures. You must also be careful with the seasonal changes as that tends to affect the hair quality and texture.

• Get a protein treatment: One more side effect that comes with colouring your hair is the protein damage your hair goes through. You know your hair is in an urgent need of protein when it starts to break and fall. The only way to fix this is by nourishing your hair with protein treatments that will stimulate hair growth and also maintain its strength.

• Indulge in oil massages regularly: Any haircare routine cannot be complete without oiling. Regular hair oil massages have always been an age-old remedy for damaged hair. With busy lifestyles, we often neglect to oil our hair. Regular oiling must be an integral part of your haircare plan routine, whether it is applying oil to your hair before bed and washing it off in the morning or indulging in a hot oil treatment. But don’t keep your hair oiled for an extended period as it attracts dust and other bacteria.

• Pick the right shampoo & conditioner: You must use shampoos and conditioners prescribed by your hairdresser. A hair wash with shampoo is recommended not more than twice a week as too many washes may not let your hair colour last for a longer period. After the shampoo comes the conditioning of hair. One must make sure that the conditioner is washed off completely so that your hair will not be sticky. Try using after-hair wash serums to avoid frizz. For extra shine, a deep-conditioning treatment for your coloured hair is also highly recommended.

(The author is brand trainer, John Paul Mitchell Systems)