Fight the frizz this monsoon

Fight the frizz this monsoon

The weather can leave your hair frizzy and unmanageable.

With the monsoon setting in, our hair needs the right amount of care and treatment. The weather change can cause the hair to become extremely dry and frizzy. Here are some tips to combat frizzy hair and keep your tresses healthy this monsoon:

Overcome the myth that oil promotes hair growth
Traditionally, we’ve grown up believing that oiling your hair regularly promotes its growth. This is a myth. It is actually not the use of oil but the movement of your fingers massaging the scalp that stimulates it and promotes blood circulation fuelling the growth. The excess use of oil not only blocks the pores but forces you to use too much shampoo and scrub vigorously to rid your hair and scalp of the oil. This makes the hair dry and frizzy, and is a major cause for hair loss.

Limit the use of heated tools
Embrace the natural texture of your hair, don’t fight it. Take a break from heated tools, and apply a good leave-in conditioner to semi-wet hair. This not only helps you style your hair the way you want to but also cuts out the frizz, enhancing the natural movement of your hair. However, if you do succumb to the use of heated tools, it’s important to prep your hair before styling it. Use products that are enriched with SPF and heat-protecting properties.

Protect your hair from the weather condition
We often forget that our hair is exposed to the natural elements such as the harsh sun, extreme climatic conditions, pollution as well as the styling that is done with heated tools. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. So I strongly recommend that you use products that contain vitamin E and avocado, which are light on the hair and protect it against any damage that may be caused by heat.

Use anti-frizz products
Most of us dread the monsoon because of the mounting humidity in the air, causing absolute hair-havoc! The perfect answer to humidity is to keep a good anti-frizz leave-in cream handy to nourish, smoothen and protect your hair, leaving it soft and manageable. Use a product that doesn’t weigh your hair down but enhances its natural texture.

Celebrate your curls
Those with curly hair must go for a curl-defining leave-in cream. It adds shape and definition to your wavy mane while keeping it moisturised, protecting it from environmental damage and fixing the frizz, all at the same time.

Use dry shampoo
Lastly, dry shampoo is an absolute must-have this monsoon, especially for those with on-the-go busy lifestyles. It eliminates a greasy, sweaty scalp, instantly refreshing and revamping your hair within seconds. It is perfect to refresh second-day hair, in-between your regular hair-wash routine, without having to use any water.


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