Find the perfect gem for your gem

Find the perfect gem for your gem

Pradnya Mhaske suggests how to pick up the perfect solitaire for the unconventional bride

If you want to skip the traditional route, there are the fancy cuts like the heart, pear and marquise.

When it comes to picking a ring for your special day, everything, literally everything, needs to be perfect. After all, it’s the ring you’re choosing for the rest of your lifetime. We’re here to help you select something that is truly timeless, that you will cherish forever.

Being quite the iconic symbol of love and commitment, a solitaire ring is something that no one should compromise on. At the same time, keeping your budget in mind, we’re here to offer you the best array of options.

Here are the things to keep in mind before picking up the perfect ring:

The Cut

A great place to start is by picking out the shape of the diamond. The first shape that anyone thinks of is the classic round shape. It’s the perennial favourite because it has the most number of facets, resulting in the most shine.

Another crowd favourite is the princess cut, a square-cut diamond that’s renowned for the contemporary touch it adds to a setting.

If you want to skip the traditional route, there are the fancy cuts like the heart, pear and marquise. All of these shapes have a brilliant-inspired cut, and the best part is that they are more budget-friendly than round diamonds.

For all the vintage lovers out there who love the timeless and contemporary look, the cushion, emerald or asscher cut is a big yes.

The Band

Once the task of selecting the diamond is out of the way, we can move onto selecting the band. The metal of a band not only adds to the personality of the design, but it can also enhance the look of the diamond it’s supporting.

Yellow gold is the classic go-to option any bride looks at if she loves all things classic.

Another option is the platinum band, that is quite exquisite, and the epitome of rare. Platinum is also the easiest metal to maintain since it is scratch-resistant to an extent. This makes platinum ideal if you’re looking to wear the band 24/7.

Then there is the trendy, pink-hued stunner - rose gold, that’s taking the jewellery world by storm. A princess or round cut diamond on a slender rose gold band is what all modern bridal dreams are made of. What’s amazing is that diamonds shine nice and bright when set on a rose gold band.

The Style

When it comes to your style, you know what works best for you. The most exciting trend currently is the stackable rings. Lucky for us, stacking now applies to wedding rings as well. So, you can now pick a bridal set, that’s a set of two rings. One is an engagement ring with a centre stone, and the other can be a wedding band. Worn together, these beauties on your finger will be the talk of the town!

Of course, while looking for a perfect ring for your big day, it all comes down to your taste, personality and your instincts. We are firm believers in the notion that the perfect diamond ring will speak to you, so all you’ve got to do is listen.

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