Flaunt your curves boldly

Flaunt your curves boldly

Don’t hide your curves, flaunt them with panache, write Puneet-Yatin Jain, as they offer a handy guide for all curvy brides-to-be

Curves are in today!

All women are beautiful inside and out every day. But on their wedding day, looking beautiful is not really enough when they covet to look simply gorgeous. Be it a petite woman or curvy, the wish to shine on their D-Day comes to all from within. So, what’s the secret to stealing the show? 

Not thin and zero-figure brides, it’s the curvy cuties are winning the hearts of all with their drooling bridal look, and obviously, not by starving themselves to death for that slim waist. While the secret is still the same, curvy brides-to-be are slaying their wedding look by flaunting their curves. Here’s how:

Choose a lehenga that doesn’t stick to your body

Ditch the body-hugging fabrics like lycra and chiffon as these make your body appear bulkier and larger. Instead, go for flowy and lightweight satin, crepe, georgette and even silk that flows smoothly from your love handles, giving you a perfect shape. Draw some inspo from Neha Dhupia’s elegant Chanderi lehenga which allowed her body to look as perfect as it can be. Moreover, these lightweight fabrics are so comfy and resilient that a bold bride can party day and night spinning in the lehengas.

Wear high-rise lehengas

If you have a slightly round belly, go for a high-waisted lehenga. Wearing it right above the navel prevents the belly to peep outside and spoil the seamless look. And, opt for a choli that is slightly longer than the normal length so that the gap between the lehenga and choli is small, making the waist look slender and longer. Or, you can flaunt your curves by decking up with an embroidered belt. Additionally, tuck the dupatta with the belt and ensure that it is secure. Your belt can support your dupatta, too.

Say ‘no’ to big prints & heavy embroidery

The thumb rule of buying lehengas for curvy women is to say ‘no’ when someone offers you large prints and heavy embroidery. These add unnecessary bulk not only to the lehenga but also to your body. So, to shed off these extra artificial pounds, choose a bridal lehenga that has small prints or minimal embroidery. Take Bharti Singh, for example — she wore a pretty pink and blue lehenga in which a traditional Indian bride was embroidered at the border. Pretty perfect!

Tailor the sleeves quarter length

Plus-size women should keep the tank or cap length sleeves of choli at bay — a total no. Such cholis bog down women on their special days because they make your arms appear bulkier than they actually are. Thankfully, quarter-length sleeves make arms look slim, elongated and well-toned. It adds an instant touch of royalty and elegance to any lehenga you go for.

Mind the neckline

Things need to be examined carefully when it comes to choosing necklines that go well with bridal jewellery. Undoubtedly, the plunging V-necklines are ravishing, but boat necks or classic U-shaped necklines are perfect for curvy brides with broad shoulders. The ones with beaded outlines or zari work make anyone glisten like a diamond. Off-shoulder blouses also are a good choice; they turn the widest part of your body into a petite one and make you look impressively cute. Choose a slightly ruffled off-shoulder blouse and team it up with raani haar or multi-layered kundan necklace, depending on the lehenga.

Colours define the line

The hardest part of styling bridal attire for curvy women is to pick a colour combo that defines their shapes and silhouettes better. Red, cherry, pink, and maroon are outdated now; it’s the season of green, plum, lime and golden. These colours highlight all the curves and edges of women in the most beautiful way ever. Also, pastels work very well for curvy brides.

Drape dupatta like a pro

What icing does to the cake is what a dupatta does to the lehenga. From ‘front flow’ dupatta to saree-pallu, the style of draping dupatta brings out the kind of Indian bride you want to look. A saree-style lehenga will give the right amount of attention to your curves and waist, giving it a silhouette of an hour-glass figure. The front-flow dupatta style is unrivalled for making bride’s outfit ultimate, graceful and gorgeous.

(The authors are directors, ODHNI)

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