Glow from within

Glow from within

The growing popularity of Korean skincare routines has put ‘glass skin’ on everyone’s beauty bucket list.

Glass skin is the ultimate iteration of dewy skin.

The growing popularity of Korean skincare routines has put ‘glass skin’ on everyone’s beauty bucket list. It’s the ultimate iteration of dewy skin. To naturally achieve this look, you have to invest in a serious, regimented skincare routine over a period of time. But if instant gratification is your thing, you can cheat the trend with make-up. Think tons of highlighter. Here’s how you can nail the look:

* Cheating your way to glass skin, unfortunately, doesn’t mean you can skip the skin regime. Start your prep by cleansing your skin and thoroughly exfoliating, so you get a smooth canvas to work with. For the first layer of glow, apply a skin brightening serum, ideally one that contains Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

* The next step involves layering highlighter so that the glow looks like it emanates from your skin rather just sitting on top of your make-up. Mix a few drops of liquid highlighter with your moisturiser and apply all over your face. It creates a lit-from-within glow.

* For your base, stay away from matte finishes. A liquid or creamy foundation will really nail that dewy finish. Your goal is to avoid looking like you’re wearing too much foundation, so choose a formula that’s got a sheer or translucent finish.

* To avoid looking cakey, don’t apply your base make-up with a brush. Use a damp make-up blender or your fingers with a dabbing motion all over.

* Now add a layer of targeted shine. With a little liquid or cream highlighter on your fingertips, dab and press the pigment on to the high points of your face — cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brow bones, Cupid’s bow and chin. Add a little on your lids also for good measure. Make sure you blend it out well to create as natural a finish as possible.

* The only thing missing from your look now is a healthy flush of colour. Work within a pink or coral palette — pink if your undertone is cool, and coral if you have warm undertones. Once again, avoid powder formulas or matte finishes — creamy is the keyword. Using your fingers, dot a little pink or coral cream blush on to your lids, blend it all over the apples of your cheeks, and add just a hint of it on your nose.

* Apply a nude cream lipstick (with pink or coral undertones, rather than brown tones) in the centre of your lips, and use your fingers or a lip brush to spread the pigment out to the edges. Add a touch of clear gloss in the centre, smack your lips together a couple of times and you’re done. This creates a soft, natural, your-lips-but-better look.

*  Finally, set it all in place with a few spritzes of a radiance-boosting setting spray.

(The author is content head, MyGlamm)