Go clean & clear!

Go clean & clear!

Karan Ratti offers a few helpful suggestions to help you take care of your pigmentation


Has your skin become excessively dark or darker than normal? Does it have spots, patches, and looks uneven? You probably have pigmentation. Dark spots, blemishes, acne marks, and even stubborn tanning that’s hard to get rid of are all pigmentation.

How to get rid of it?

The best way is to use a skincare system with a day & night combination product that goes to the root and resolves pigmentation there. Certain modern brands have products specifically for pigmentation and work very well. Use pH-balanced cleansing products and use make-up sparingly. Avoid the sun and use sun protection when going out. Avoid getting any lasers or chemical peels done as these treatments are meant for skin resurfacing or making skin smoother, but they work by first burning or damaging skin, often causing even more pigmentation. Avoid scrubbing, bleaching or parlour facials as they often disturb the skin’s biochemical balance, throwing the skin’s equilibrium off.

How to avoid it?

The best method to avoid pigmentation is by avoiding damaging treatments like lasers and peeling, bleaching, scrubbing, facials, or others that can damage the skin and cause pigmentation. Excessive sun exposure can also cause and make pigmentation worse. But if you already have it, there are ways to take care of it. Fortunately, today, there are some new-age brands that are embracing powerful scientific formulas to work at the root of the skin where pigmentation begins. There are several brands in the US and other countries that use known compounds like arbutin, hydroxy acids like glycolic acid or lactic acid, vitamins, etc but they all have some associated issues. Hydroxy acids, for example, can make the skin more sensitive and thinner, so they are recommended for people with less sensitive skin. Also, they should always be used in combination with sunscreen to prevent sunburns and more tanning.

Is your skin pigmentation-prone?

Have you ever felt like your skin gets tanned easily? Or gets dark in some areas more than others? You may have pigmentation-prone skin! Don’t worry, according to scientific research, over 85% of the Indian population is prone to pigmentation, regardless of gender. Living in a hot and humid country like India with new-age problems like pollution, stress, hormonal changes, diabetes, etc, make it even more easy for anyone to get pigmentation. If your parents or grandparents have pigmentation, you may also have a genetic tendency to get it. If you feel that you have pigmentation-prone skin, then you should try investing in a good skincare system or brand that reduces and prevents pigmentation. 

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