Hairstyles that ‘wow’

Hairstyles that ‘wow’

Bored of tying up your hair in a plain old ponytail? Here are some easy everyday hairstyles for you...

A waterfall braid hairstyle

Your hair is something that can be adapted according to your outfit. The correct hairstyle can glam up or tone down your look. Your hairstyle can easily reflect your mood for the day. Beachy waves for lazy days or a Dutch braid for a glam look, decide on a hairstyle that will reflect your mood. The monsoons can make it difficult to deal with your hair due to increased humidity. Dealing with frizzy hair on Monday mornings can be a task. So, here are a few easy hairstyles that can glam up your everyday look:

Dutch braid

This hairstyle can easily glam up your everyday jeans and a graphic t-shirt look. Detangle your hair and smoothen it with a serum that suits your hair type. Start from the crown of your hair and tie it in a reverse manner of your regular braid. Secure it with a hair tie at the end of your braid and finish the look by setting it with a hair spray. Also, wearing this to your gym will not only pull your hair back, but also save you from looking like a rugged mess. The clean hairstyle will complement your perfect outfit for the gym. Pair it with your biker shorts and a loose graphic t-shirt to rock your confidence at the gym.

Waterfall braid

It’s a simple and elegant look for people with straight hair. Make a statement at a pool party with this beautiful hairstyle. Grab a section of your hair and divide it into three parts. Take the top piece of your hair and cross it over the middle part. Instead of crossing the middle piece as you would in a normal French braid, leave it hanging to create the waterfall effect, and continue the same till it’s done. Saving your hair from all the heat tools will make it look naturally healthy and shiny. A simple way of putting your hair back with a floral co-ord set and a pair of flip-flops will make you look effortlessly stunning.

Beachy waves

This is a simple look for a relaxing day at the beach with your girl gang. Make way to the beach with a simple look this season. Take a small bunch of your hair and wrap it loosely around your curling wand to create loose/beachy waves. Keep your hair natural and messy for a ‘no hairstyle’ look. A pastel colour bodysuit and an oversized hat with will give you the perfect chic look for a beach getaway.

High ponytail

For all those girls with long hair, opt for this hairstyle to give you a sleek look. Channel your inner Ariana Grande with a tight and high ponytail. Keep it clean and pulled back for an elegant look. Detangle your knots and use hair cream to smoothen out your hair. Take a thin comb and start putting your hair together in a high ponytail. Finish this hairstyle by applying some hair spray to keep your hair shiny and your look intact. A simple way of styling your hair with a baggy/oversized t-shirt dress and some boots for a brunch on a Sunday.

(The author is technical trainer, John Paul Mitchell Systems India)

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