Hue me right!

Hue me right!

With the season changing, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe with some lively colours, writes Harssh Chheda

With the season changing, you are left with limited options in terms of clothes.

Summer and fashion don’t generally go arm in arm for men, hence looking good becomes, significantly & increasingly, easier when the temperature drops. You can let your inner lumberjack lustre and chances are that you might be a changemaker this season. With the season changing, you are left with limited options in terms of clothes. You now need clothes that will not only keep you cool but also look well during the downpour. Nevertheless, in any case, slay the look by being aware of your choices to achieve the immaculate modern look, regardless of whether you need rugged, athletic, edgy or anything in between. This is the season you raise the bar as never before.

Here’s a sartorial guide to ace the late summer look like the fashion mavens:

Bright white is always right

Avoid the dull and give light shades a chance to utilise their aesthetic power. Indeed, right now is an ideal opportunity to lighten up, because a menswear whiteout is fast approaching. This period is the ideal time to add something livelier to your closet. So, say yes to white.Wearing diverse assortments of white opens a more extensive road for your style proclamation. There are diverse shades of white that you can explore, from ivory to delicate vanilla. This dynamic shade can be co-ordinated with any colour you can possibly call to mind. Regardless of whether it is red, blue, green or any other colour, it doesn’t make a difference. For contrast, you can likewise blend it with super-light greys and sage, which can be the ideal picks.

Soothe with sage

Sage is one of the most favoured tones which will be the dominating men’s wardrobe this season. Amid this time of year, this hue will be in the vista in the form of sage chinos mated with a shirt which can be any of the following nonpartisan hues — charcoal dark, white, beige, and so on. Likewise, one can try it by picking a sage-coloured shirt to go with a basic or any beige-shaded chinos. A sage suit can be the centre ground for those lofty and formal nights, adding stars to one’s demeanour. The essentials in the closet can never go out of fashion, yet that does not mean there couldn’t be any newbies. Sage can be the new grey at formal social events, enabling you to stand out a mile from your colleagues. Shine on.

Utilise the power of pink

 pink is the shade the world is gushing about right now.
 Pink is the shade the world is gushing about right now.

Going by the fashion forecast, pink is the shade the world is gushing about right now. Hence, the restoration of this shade in men’s wardrobe is a certain case as it does not just happen to be a standout amongst the gentlest tints for corporate affairs but also for casual events like brunches, excursions, weddings, etc. A pink salmon suit is certainly one of the present season’s statement piece and teaming it with a classic white shirt and a pair of same pink shaded trouser will catch anybody’s eye. Donning a pink tie with much elan is likewise pure craftsmanship. Similarly, voguish are the pink ties which run great with black and other dark-shaded suits. For the best look, make sure to complement light shades with light and the vivid ones with vivid.

Go for muted colours over pastels

From white to beige and pastel blue to indigo, subtle hues will be the must-have in your shopping list. Muted shades can be a go-to for those casual and informal breakfasts with companions in this season. It can also be used as a tool to entice your lunch dates, as the serenity and softness of the shade are certain to treat the eye of the person whom you will be meeting.

Style tips

In case you’re wondering how to style it right, here are all the style mantras you need to know:

* Muted hues when mated with stripes are a key statement to make. A white and blue striped shirt adds a dash of panache when paired with an exquisite haze colour pant emphasising the look while you are taking off to an easy-going night date.

* This specific shade permits for blends of hues to be worn together such as blacks and brown, pink and whites, blues and greens.

* It’s crucial to focus on the perfect attire for pulling off a raffish yet refined look in this changing season as it calls for paying heed to comfortable fits and an apt texture.

* Deciding on a couple of versatile summer staples empowers you to make a diverse range of styles without begging to be spent. Consolidate diverse looks and have a fabulous time blending, co-ordinating and matching pieces. Remember to pursue the basic rules on what mix works, what fits the best and what doesn’t.

(The author is founder & CEO, Corporate Collars)

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