It’s to dye for

It’s to dye for

Adding a dash of colour to life is the best way to spice it up and if it’s hair, there are plenty of options to play around with, writes Pooja Prabbhan


Change is always a great idea. And more so, when it comes to your tresses— an external attribute, which can make or break your look. We’ve all heard of how a little extra TLC can go a long way in retaining your hair’s natural sheen post a colour therapy, aside from helping regain that lost lustre.

While maintenance is key post hair colouring, experts let in on a volley of invaluable tips to factor in, which will have your treated mane thanking you in the long run.

Lock it in

“One of the most common and biggest mistakes women commit before colouring their hair is not understanding the
right colours that suit their skin tone. Most people opt for something too bright which is a huge contrast from their skin tone. Apart from this, a lot of Indian women colour hair which
has been previously treated with henna. You will almost never get the desired result,” begins Dawa Dolma, stylist, Blown.

Stressing on the importance of investing in a few staples, Dawa adds, “A colour protection shampoo, conditioner and serum are a must, whether hair has been coloured for the first time or fifth. Also using a colour save shampoo will help retain and lock the colour for longer.”

Time to experiment

“Cool platinum blondes are all the rage this season. However, before getting this done, make sure you give your stylist a complete history of your previous hair colours and treatments and request for a strand test, if needed to make sure that the desired final colour can be achieved without damaging your hair. With the free-hand technique of balayage, your stylist can help you achieve a natural glowy sun-kissed look using the right shades of browns and blondes. This will also help you get a more natural look and flatter your face shape/cut,” says Yaseen Khan, Creative Director, Looks Salon, Bengaluru. Speaking along similar lines, Chaitra Shankar, a city-based certified makeup expert adds, “The Rainbow/Phoenix Tail Feathers/ Pulp Riot Hair has also become a fad amongst few willing to experiment.”

For some TLC

For first-timers wanting to understand your hair better before getting it coloured is advisable. An allergy test is ideal, suggests Yaseen. “A strand test involves pre-lightening or colouring a thin chunk of hair near the nape of the neck to help the stylist understand how your hair responds to the colour and how the hair shade lifts. In case you have had multiple colour services before, ask your stylist to do a strand test. An allergy test can also be quite helpful in case you have a sensitive skin/scalp. In case of a sensitive scalp, try and go for ammonia-free colours.

“A daily massage of the scalp with warm castor or coconut oil with 3-5 drops of fresh lemon juice is a sure-fire way to make your hair look and feel healthier after chemical treatments,” suggests Chaitra.

Chaitra lets us in on a handy remedy that always works. “A weekly organic paste of egg white and yolk, fresh curd with a small amount of besan gram flour helps to protect the hair post colouring.”

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