No more greys...

No more greys...

Premature greying: why it happens and how to avoid it?

The common reason for premature greying in both men and women is hormonal issues.

When one starts to get grey hair, it is considered a sign of ageing. In men, grey hair should ideally start to appear during mid-life, that is, when one is over 40 years of age. Some people are genetically predisposed to the accelerated ageing process and can experience grey hair from the age of 30 onwards as well. However, it is an exception rather than a norm.

Premature greying is a cause of concern because it is increasingly being witnessed in men today. Whether in children as young as 15 years old or college-going adults, or even in a person’s early or late 20s, if grey hair is becoming a problem for you, then you should take immediate steps to counter it. Instead of dyeing the hair to hide the greys, eliminate the root cause of premature greying. For this, it is important to understand why premature greying happens in the first place.

Why does hair turn grey?

Not related to any specific cause, premature greying can occur due to a variety of reasons. The common reason for this condition in both men and women is hormonal issues. During the pubescent phase, one’s body undergoes various hormonal changes. During this time, if the balance of hormones is not right, then it can lead to premature greying. Apart from that, people who suffer from acidity, liver problems or thyroid disease will also experience premature greying due to an unbalanced body chemistry.

Those white strands on your head in your 20s are also the result of leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Excessive smoking, drinking, using drugs, not sleeping properly, anxiety and stress also contribute to the premature greying of hair. One shouldn’t use harsh chemical shampoos, too much of hair dye, bleach and hair straightening agents as they can irreversibly damage the hair from the roots. Premature greying can also be related to a deficiency of vitamins and lack of haemoglobin. Staying out in the sun for too long can also lead to hair damage due to harmful UV rays.

There are plenty of reasons why you could be turning grey early in life. It is important to consult a specialist and figure out why, so that if possible, this process can be reversed. But one can definitely take a few precautions to stop or limit premature greying in the first place. Drinking plenty of water keeps the body hydrated and functioning properly. It is a simple yet underrated requirement of the body.

Instead of relying on multi-vitamin tablets as medicine to stop premature greying, start including fruits and vegetables in your daily diet to get all the essential vitamins from natural sources. Early morning, one should have one teaspoon of black sesame seeds. Premature greying can also occur due to insufficient keratin protein in the body. It is important to monitor one’s keratin levels if one is suffering from hair-related problems. Also, one can take oral supplements such as Protocel treatment to stop premature greying.

Treat your hair gently and with care. Avoid blow drying, colouring or straightening your hair as these activities cause hair damage. Also, stop using cheap harsh shampoos which definitely harm your hair and hair roots. Sometimes, dry, dehydrated hair gives way to premature greying due to a loss of moisture. Oil your hair regularly to avoid this condition and keep your hair healthy and shiny.

(The author is owner, Golden Touch Clinic)