Put your feet up!

Put your feet up!

Here are the latest footwear trends to watch out for this season, writes Nishant Kanodia

Men can team chinos with a pair of loafers to instantly score points for comfort and style.

Footwear has long been an essential cornerstone of modern fashion, holding the transformative power to elevate a basic ensemble. From the catwalks to the sidewalks, the footwear market is thriving — aided further by the advent of online marketplaces and aggregators, ensuring that the entire country has access to the latest trends at their fingertips. Slowly occupying the position of a fashion statement rather than a daily necessity, the popularity of social media platforms has further ensured that everyone is well-versed with the latest trends in fashion. The flipside of this heavily discounted model is that it is leading to lapses in quality, which provides style but doesn’t necessarily pay heed to comfort.

For this summer

The current footwear scenario is thrown into sharp relief against the onset of the scorching Indian summer, thereby necessitating that everyday footwear is comfortable and the materials used are breathable. Procuring premium leather becomes the need of the hour, consequently aiding the process of the shoe moulding itself to the shape of every individual foot and negating the stickiness which faux leather is known to cause.

On the bright side, summer promises a revamp for the roulette wheel of trends, as vibrant hues take centrestage. Lean into the fashion potential of everyday footwear by playing with colours to enhance your personality. Bright colours serve as an essential staple during the summer, and a little bit of sunshine can always help brighten your day.

Brighten up the onset of summer with a slew of seasonal styles in your wardrobe. Palazzo pants make for an eternal favourite during the warmer months, and you can look to dress up or dress down the silhouette depending on the occasion. But if the occasion calls for more, a pair of heels is the easiest way to elevate an outfit.

For those casual dresses in your closet, look to a pair of statement shoes to add a pop of colour to the outfit. On the opposite end of the spectrum, formal dresses demand a pair of heels. Depending on your personal comfort level, you can choose from stilettos or a delicate pair of kitten heels. Moving to the Indian wear section of the wardrobe, the collective focus is currently on juttis, but open sandals or elegant heels also serve as worthy candidates.

Meanwhile, men can team chinos with a pair of loafers to instantly score points for comfort and style. Whilst not entirely casual, loafers are the perfect accompaniment to the on-trend chinos. Shorts make for another seasonal staple, and detailed sandals are the easiest way to add a touch of style to this summer classic. Since Indian wear is festive in nature, footwear detailing should be kept to a minimum.

Strike a merry compromise between comfort and style with summer-ready espadrilles and sandals. India’s status as a manufacturing hub means that we do not lack options, but I believe that we lack simple, minimalistic styling which resonates with millennials.

When shopping for footwear this summer, ensure that comfort takes top billing in your list of priorities — comfort is always in style! Keep a vigilant eye out for the little details as well — whether it is a simple polished buckle or symmetrical weaving, details are the epitome of our footwear. Also, bear in mind that nothing beats quality materials. 

(The author is founder, SKO)