Style with shape

Style with shape

Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be. The perfect outfit is determined by your body type, writes Monica Oswal

For many, good and clean clothes boost their confidence. And, to have that confidence, one needs to dress up according to one’s body size and structure.

Clothes are one of the pivotal parts when it comes to dressing up. Clothes often reflect our individual’s culture, personality and preferences. It is said that people form their first impression based on what a person wears. Therefore, it gets very important to dress up accordingly, no matter where one has to go, be it office or a personal gathering.

For many, good and clean clothes boost their confidence. And, to have that confidence, one needs to dress up according to one’s body size and structure. Doing so not only makes one look presentable but also helps to accentuate their best body parts. Here are some tips that will help you to pick up the right outfit for you:

First, one needs to know their body type. You will get ample online quizzes and body shape calculators that will help you to know your body structure depending upon your problem areas one needs to cover, as well as positive features one would like to show off. Basically, our body type is divided into — apple, pear, rectangular and hourglass.

For those with an apple-shaped body

An apple-shaped body means you have a heavy top, thereby you have broad shoulders, full bust, waist and upper back. You have a little wider waist, too. An apple-shaped person tends to have thinner legs and hips.

You need to wear clothes that will draw attention away from your mid-section and waist, which are basically your problem areas. So, keeping that in mind, you should wear v-neck waist dresses and tops, wrap dresses and A-line dresses. If you’re planning to wear tops, try to wear a long top that covers the entire belly area.

Say no to bulky tops and clingy silhouettes. Go for layered tops and tunics.

Since your lower part is thin, so avoid skinny jeans and straight leg pants. Boot-cut pants with back pockets will do wonders for you.

To create a curvy structure, wear a belt just below your bust instead of wearing it around the waist. It will make your waist look tiny.

For those with a pear-shaped body

A pear-shaped body is also known as a triangular body. It means you have a graceful neck and proportionately slim arms and shoulders. Your problem area being your hips are larger than your bust.

Since you have proportionate shoulders and arms, you need to highlight them in whatever you wear. For this, you can use scarves, nice shawls and colorful necklaces.

Tight pants, capri, short skirts and pencil skirts are big no-no for you. Instead, go for tailored, flared pants and A-line skirts.

Wear dark, solid colours for your bottom half.

Four different body shapes
Four different body shapes

For those with a rectangular- shaped body

It’s one of the most common body types that one can find. A rectangular body shape comes with wide shoulders and chunky calves. Your problem area is your waist, which is not well-defined. You definitely need to focus on wearing shapely garments. Jacket and tops, as well as dresses, must create the requisite waist for you, giving you the perfect slimmer and curvier look.

Wear a belt at the narrowest part of your waist to accentuate it. Choose empire-waist and wrap dresses.

Don’t wear long tops. Tops that end at the mid-section of the hips will do wonders. Choose accessories that will add quantity to your upper part.

Choosing the right undergarment is also essential in this kind of body type. Use a bra that provides good breast support.

Wear peplum jackets, tops and dresses more often because they are just apt for your body type.

For those with an hourglass-shaped body

This body type is almost every woman’s fantasy. Hourglass body shapes have a wide bust, a narrow waist and wide hips. You just need to wear the right outfit, so that you can flaunt your best body parts.

Flaunt your curves by wearing clothes that draw attention to your waist. A tight tee or ganjee would be the best for such body type.

Wear undergarments that fit correctly. If your bust is large, be sure to use the right kind of bra. Don’t use padded or unstructured bras that make your cleavage look hanging.

V-neck tops and dresses, pencil skirts, and shirts are best for you.

(The author is executive director, Monte Carlo)