Wear your bling on your sleeve

Megha Malik tells you how to explore jewellery options as according to your personality

Accessorising with jewellery can take any outfit from boring to one that will get you noticed.

It is a proven fact that clothes, make-up, hairstyle and accessories speak immensely about your personality and taste. Likewise, the selection of jewellery is also an excellent indicator of your inner self. Some prefer to wear oversized jewellery items, some dainty ornaments, still some others are comfortable wearing costume jewellery.

I always suggest people that accessorising with jewellery can take an outfit from boring to one that will get you noticed. I’ve heard some people claim that ‘less is more’, but it isn’t always correct. There are some times when you want to sparkle and shine; the key is to know when it’s okay.

Dainty pieces for the elegant lady

If you dress perfectly, your hair is always in place, and you always have your wits about yourself, then you are a quintessential lady. Your daintiness, however, belies your inherent strength of character and you need jewellery that’s elegant, yet packs a punch. The perfect way to celebrate yourself is with elegant crystal sets that’ll go flawlessly with a pencil skirt-n-blouse outfit for the office or a dress for a dinner date. Another great option is a diamond necklace—delicate and beautiful—that’ll go with almost everything you have in your wardrobe!

Ethnic chic for the traditional diva

If you love your saris and churidars, and you always find something to love about Indian heritage and folklore, you are a desi diva. It doesn’t mean you are living in the past — you are just opting to partake wisdom rooted in simplicity. Buy jewellery that fits perfectly with your vast and artistic bindi collection, like an antique pair of jhumkis or metal dangle earrings. Then watch how you rock them even in a board meeting.

Pop ‘n’ funk for the outgoing lass

Yes, you are the life of the party! You are an extrovert who can strike up a conversation with almost anyone and even the shyest of people are automatically put at ease by your affable personality. You deserve jewellery that stands out, just like you. A pack of cool, studded sterling silver nose pins will suit you. Or, go off-the-beaten-track and choose something unique like ultra-funky cuff earrings, which is perfect for the blue jeans-white-tee-coloured blazer-brogues look!

Street-style glam for the punk goddess

If you are tough and your love interests include lead singers of grungy garage rock bands (or better still, you are part of one!), you are a punk goddess. You hold people together during hard times. You are unabashed in your choice of hairdo and sense of dressing. Celebrate yourself with a gold ring set or absolutely edgy ear cuffs that are so representative of street-style glam that they’ll go with denim bottoms or a trouser suit with equal panache!

Keeping it simple for the on-the-go woman

Utility is your mantra. You are practical in your approach to most things and convenience is as important to you as being productive, and for you, jewellery is more about functionality and minimalism. If you love the classics, get yourself a cute pair of pearl silver stud earrings that are perfect for daily wear. You could also go with a set of simple yet chic bangles that could add a sparkle to your fusion officewear attire.

(The author is owner, RESA Fine Jewellery)

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