Wear your confidence

Wear your confidence

Get some insight on confidence dressing

Let me start by posing a question 
— Would you rather be

a) under-dressed or

b) over-dressed at a party?

Your answer to this question will be a reflection of your personality. However, this also goes to show that our fashion sense and dressing has an effect on our mood and personality. The answer you chose will also make you feel more comfortable than the other option.

Now, let’s add option c) dressed just right, to the list. This is going to be an obvious choice as it makes one feel the most at ease. The more comfortable we are the more confident we feel.

Fashion & perception

How we dress also impacts the way others perceive us. For instance, uniforms evoke a sense of authority. We are more likely to respond immediately to and obey a policeman in uniform than one in everyday clothes. Once we understand how our clothes impact the way others will perceive us, we can then figure out how we need to dress to achieve our goals. For example, an interviewer is more likely to have a desirable first impression of you for a senior position in an impeccably tailored suit as opposed to a loosely fitted shirt and trousers. Our aim should be to choose what to wear having understood the image that we want to project in different situations. As the more we feel that we are aptly dressed, the more self-confident we get.

How we dress also reflects on how much attention we pay to our own self. It is the first step to taking care of ourselves and expressing who we are. How we dress also affects our mood and vice versa. Someone who has just gone through a heartbreak or an emotional trauma is more likely to be found in their pyjamas or clothes that give them a sense of comfort. However, if the same person changes into his or her favourite outfit, it is bound to uplift their mood.

Colour code

What one wears also tends to convey whether one is highlighting their personality or hiding it. Colours play an important role in how fashion has an effect on us and others around us. Various colours have been researched to impact thoughts and moods. Men and women dressed in red or black are perceived to be more attractive.

Television and films make use of fashion to define various characters and the roles played by an actor. For instance, in a recent Bollywood movie Padmavat, the character of a good king played by Shahid Kapoor was seen sporting an armour of rich red and gold. On the other hand, the evil sultan played by Ranveer Singh was portrayed through beastly looking clothing in dark shades. This was done for the audience to perceive the characters in a certain light. When we apply the same logic to how we dress, we can use clothes to enhance and exude our personality and style.

Every season we are bombarded with new trends. However, following these trends blindly will not make you feel confident in what you are wearing. Having a personal style and being comfortable in what you are wearing is the key. Keeping your sense of style and personality in mind, you can find the perfect fashionable way of expressing your identity. The best way forward is to introduce new trends in your wardrobe in a balanced way — maybe a new spring accessory, introducing new prints in smaller articles like a scarf; instead of going overboard with the trend. The same holds true for accenting your outfit with logos. One does not need logos of specific brands to feel confident. What will exude confidence is remembering that people value you for more than the labels that you own.

Confidence is internal. Recognising your talents and appreciating your strengths will contribute to you looking beautiful. Clothes are an accessory to augment the confidence within.

(The author is a psychologist)