Who’s that mom?

Who’s that mom?

Being a mom doesn't mean you need to ditch your wardrobe staples for 'mommy' clothes. Vidula Rastogi Chopra suggests how you can be the trendiest mom on the block...

T-shirts are no longer just for teenagers. Wear them slightly loose, with everything from midi-skirts to high-waist palazzos.

Yes, you are a mom now, you have a child who has brought in all the happiness in the world. But that doesn’t mean you need to stop being fashionable or give away all your jeans, tees, or even dresses. If you think fashion and comfort don’t mix, think again. Fashion has gotten a ‘mom makeover’ today! Mommies, here’s how you can restyle your fashion favourites into stylish ensembles:

Bring back your t-shirts

T-shirts are no longer just for teenagers. Wear them slightly loose, with everything from midi-skirts to high-waist palazzos. There was a time when wearing a tee under a slip dress would have made you look extremely matronly. Not anymore. So, remove that skimpy top you’ve been hiding and wear it over a t-shirt!

Dazzle with dresses

With all the planning that goes into a mother’s life, it’s no wonder you don’t have the time or energy to think about co-ordinating outfits. Make your life easier by picking up loose, flowing dresses that can take you through pregnancy and beyond. You don’t need to wear a tight dress to feel sexy. Anti-fit is all the rage, so keep it loose, or hitch in the waist with a belt. Stick to knee-length dresses for maximum comfort.

“If you’re of a certain age, you may feel like you need to cover everything up, but this isn’t required. Feel free to wear a short dress if you like, but consider covering up arms or cleavage. The idea is not to show too much skin all at once,” advises Anu Nagappa, designer and proprietor, Anu and Susan. In any case, when you’re mommy-ing, it makes sense to wear higher necks. You’ll be bending and running around, may show more cleavage than you intend, and the last thing you need is to be self-conscious about your outfit. Save deep necks for date nights.

Get comfy with jumpsuits

Just like the dress, there’s something to be said for putting on one piece of clothing without needing to mix and match. And let’s not forget how comfortable this incredibly stylish item of clothing is!

Play with pants

Whether you’re taking your little one for a birthday party or to the park, pull on palazzo pants and you’re set. “Palazzos are loose, cool, and feel like you have nothing on at all! Wear it with a buttoned-up shirt and you’re ready for work. Wear it with a t-shirt, and you’re ready for play — or the playground! Pull on a smart necklace over the t-shirt and you’re ready for lunch!” says designer Smriti Puri of Essence. “They’re also great when paired with kurtas of all lengths.” So if you don’t have a pair of palazzos in your wardrobe, invest in them and make the most of this trend while it lasts.

Wear track pants outside

Did you ever wish you could live in track pants without looking like a slob? Well, now you can. When the mercury dips, pick up a pair of stretch pants. Some brands have less stretch, some have more, while some have so much that they feel like track pants and look like trousers! Could a mom ask for anything else?

Don’t forget leggings

Leggings look good if they’re well made and constructed with a good fabric. Polyester leggings can look tacky. Denim leggings will go with everything and are more comfortable than jeans, so get yourself a pair and wear them with long, flowing tops.

Give a chance to shorts

Long, tailored shorts are cool, comfortable, and look very chic. Wear it with a belt, and you’ll look and feel so good that you will find yourself reaching for your shorts again and again.

Feel fancy with scarves

Inject Parisian style into your wardrobe by investing in a pure silk scarf. A silk scarf worn around the neck will upgrade any look in an instant. And if ferrying kids about leaves you with no time for a blow-dry, wrap a scarf around your head! Silk and satin help retain moisture, so bad hair days will soon be a thing of the past! Additionally, a scarf can be pulled out anytime when temperatures dip and also provide some protection for you or your child. Tie it around your handbag. Not only will it make you look instantly cool, but a scarf can also help co-ordinate your handbag with your outfit. Use your scarf as a belt, a bracelet, or around your large straw hat!

Focus on your footwear

There was a time most of us wouldn’t dream of wearing sneakers when going out for the fear of looking frumpy. But now sneakers have gotten a new lease of life. You see them everywhere, on everyone, from fashion influencers to millions of followers and non-followers! There was a time you could buy sneakers only at sports stores but today every designer worth his name has a brand of sneakers that are selling like hot cakes. “Trusty white sneakers are not really work-appropriate in most cases, unless you’re a yoga teacher, but they’re perfect for running errands, making a quick trip to your child’s school to meet the teacher, or hanging out with your children and other moms,” says Aneesha Bhojwani Goenka, founder, Smitten Shoes.

“Flats or slip-ons in nudes or browns go with everything and are perfect for the office and out of it. For formal events, block heels up your style quotient by a few notches while giving your back a break!” she finishes.

Make a statement with your handbag

The backpack may have been originally designed for trekking, but considering the amount moms have to schlep about, it makes for the perfect bag. It can house a laptop or iPad, colouring pencils and books to entertain the children whenever the need strikes, water bottle, hand sanitiser, wet wipes, a change of clothes, snacks to munch on, and so much more. In fact, a backpack is the perfect diaper bag, for you can carry on using it long after the baby has grown up. Now that backpacks come in fabulous designs and are all the rage, invest in one and make use of this practical trend.

Follow these tips and you’ll be the hippest mom on the block. And when your children point you out to their friends, swell up with pride and say, “Yes, that’s my mom!”, you’ll be the happiest, too!