#DHRecaps | Fashion recall 2018

#DHRecaps | Fashion recall 2018

Fashion designers offer a snap recap of the best and the worst moments in fashion this year.

A successful pick in 2018 was the jumpsuit: fusion jumpsuits trended effortlessly, without the diaphanous look that anarkalis personified earlier

So, it was a mixed fashion bag in 2018. From citrus hues to jewelled belt bags to ear cuffs and asymmetric cuts. Some trends rocked, some were best relegated to the background. Cue in for a line-up of the sweet and the savoury that marked the fashion circuit in 2018:

The flare up

Few took the billowing cuts to another level altogether and looked like a damp squib. Says fashion designer Natasha J, “The extremely flared blouse simply did not rock. Even lehengas with overgenerous flares failed to do anything for the body.” Add to that the overdose of the off-shoulder, cold-shoulder cuts. “It was a terrible overkill, with people loading up the ill-fitted off-shoulder and cold-shoulder tops and blouses with just too many accessories,” says designer Adarsh Makharia of label OSAA. Extra large frills at the end of sleeves and pallus of saris looked absolutely terrible.

Man gear

“It was a waistcoat paired with a dhoti or a churidar that created ripples,” says Natasha. “Patterned waistcoats made a cute cut, with their perfect pirouette between casual and heavy ethnic wear.” Teaming a dhoti with a kurta and a stylish waistcoast made for a simple yet elegant look for men, as did an asymmetric sherwani, with an asymmetric collar and slit for a stylish spin. “Even kurtas with drapes made for a trendy cut,” adds Natasha.

Fair cut

“Pant-saris raked in big popularity, making a statement at almost every do. Then, dhoti pants rocked the fashion circuit. Another successful pick was the jumpsuit: fusion jumpsuits trended effortlessly, without the diaphanous look that anarkalis personified earlier. “Cotton silk made for a hot favourite in fabrics, with easy, flowing silhouettes shaping up beautifully,” says Natasha.

Fine details

Bejewelled bags were big in 2018
Bejewelled bags were big in 2018

“Fashion elements that gained popularity in 2018 were pleats and ruffles, crop tops and open jackets,” adds Adarsh, with silhouettes in mulberry silk, tulle, glass georgette, georgette and mesh georgette ruling the roost. Together with this, newer heroes found their calling. “Three best picks of 2018 would be maximalist headgears, stacked and bejewelled bags,” says Sasha Grewal of OutHouse. “Chic headgears and glitzy bags added a sparkle to the look.”

Alluring accents

Open chokers and ear cuffs made for an appealing mix. “Avant-garde chokers brought in a 90s spin to outfits, with ear cuffs adding that element of sparkle to your appearance, giving your outfit a rather chic look,” says Sasha. A chunky choker, or delicate choker overlaying long necklaces worked very well this year. Says Akanksha Arora, creative head, Amrapali Jewels, “Jewelled hairpins, matha pattis and chotis rocked. Just like belts ­— fabric belts over lehengas or jewelled belts — we have seen it all.”

Colour play

Bright mates worked wonders as they cheered through the happy palette this year. From cobalt, teal and blush to electric yellow, cherry red and turquoise, the colours set the mood for a grand melee. Says Kaabia Grewal of OutHouse, “The freshness of colours created ripples, with citric orange, cobalt blue, bougainvillea pink and lime yellow taking centre stage.”

Traditional look

“The year saw Indian brides going back to their traditions, wearing complete traditional outfits with jewellery, including the nath, bajuband and hathphool,” says Akanksha. She adds, “Opals, emeralds and tanzanites ruled the gem crop in classic shades of blue and green.”

Out the door

If there is one aspect we have had an overdose of, it is body jewellery. Says Akanksha, “We have simply had enough of belly rings, and body chains. It was done and dusted in 2016-17 and therefore created a whimper this year. It simply did not work.” Much like the potli bags and fringe blouses that have been simply done to death. Or like the feather-trimmed shoes and jackets that look ridiculous.

Athleisure in

“Cool and comfortable chic was the way to go with ribbed track pants, yoga gear and colour blocking and contrast in exercise gear. It rocked as it glamourised the boring, fuddy-duddy domain of workout clothes,” says fashion designer Nazrana Parekh.

What sizzled?

One of the great things about fashion is that it’s constantly evolving. In the last few years, Indians have become more receptive and accepting towards creative fashion trends. Let’s look at the 10 best fashion trends that dominated 2018 in India:

Distressed denim: Distressed denim has been every girl’s go-to outfit throughout the year. From millennial actor Alia Bhatt to fashion icon Sonam Kapoor, all the Bollywood damsels were seen in distressed denim. They are immensely global and go with everything from a kurti, a tunic to a top or a casual shirt, and are apt for any occasion, be it travel or a fun outing.

Long bell sleeves: Getting rid of the traditional bell sleeves, designers curated knee length or floor touching styles that could add an oomph factor to any ethnic wear. These sleeves can be a great option for a cocktail night or a fancy evening party.

Front-slit kurti: Long kurtis are back in trend and designers are making a case for front slits. We saw models sporting front slit kurtis with lehengas, palazzos, churidar, long skirts and bell pants.

Animal print: Animal print has been in and out of fashion since years. However, this time, it came with a twist. People were spotted wearing coloured animal prints from the ramp to roads. Animal print may not stay in trend for a long time, but it definitely keeps coming back.

Holographic trend: From B-town divas to college girls, everyone was seen slaying this look in the form of holographic denims for travel or a t-shirt for a casual coffee date. From skirts to pants to dresses, holographic material was seen all around the country.

Cold shoulders: From off-shoulder to cut-out shoulders, this trend dominated 2018 in every clothing category. We saw cold-shoulders with lehengas, denims, palazzos and saris. This is one style that makes you look sexy without actually revealing too much skin.

All things denim: When there’s nothing to wear, there’s always denim. Denim can be teamed with a plain t-shirt for a casual look or a fancy top or kurti for an occasion. In fact, we spotted many fashion icons wearing denim dresses and denim overalls this year.

High-waisted jeans: High-waisted jeans have been in the trend for quite some time and 2018 hasn’t been any different. It was most popularly seen in combination with crop tops and tucked-in shirts. These high-waisted jeans not only give you a retro look, but also add a chic factor to your appearance.

Solids: Surpassing all trends and styles, solids are the epitome of the ultimate classic look. Whether they are deep, warm shades or fun, light ones, solids set you apart. A horde of blues, blacks, mustards and creams were seen throughout the year with many celebrities opting for a single tone for many events.

Asymmetrical hemlines: This year has welcomed asymmetry with open arms in all aspects, especially in contemporary fashion. Classic kurtis, well-fitted kurta sets, fun tunics — all adapted this trend and made quite a bold statement in the fashion circles.

What fizzled? 

The fashion world tends to evolve every year where new trends are formed and followed. More often than believed, trends from the past relive. 2018 has been the year of reliving fashion from the 80s and 90s. It has been the year of fast fashion and yet some fashion fads have managed to overstay. However, this year end, we would like to bid goodbye to some of these unflattering trends.

Latex apparel: Even though a latex dress accentuates your figure and gives you the look of a sexy badass, it is highly uncomfortable to wear and carry. Especially, in a tropical country like India, latex is the last fabric you should opt for in the scorching heat. Else, you’ll be stuck in a skin-tight dress with sweat bothering you throughout the evening.

Corset everything: Worn over everything from t-shirts, dresses and even shirts, corsets were popularised by celebs in 2016. Followed by many bloggers and models, this uncomfortable trend has sadly overstayed. However, with 2018 ending soon, it’s time to bid goodbye to this 70s trend.

 Cold shoulder: From going backless to cleavage bearing, women are turning bold. But if you are not into too much skin show, you must have chosen a  cold-shoulder outfit at some point this year. Even so, it’s time to bid goodbye to the trend and rather go for an entirely off the shoulder attire instead.

 The high-low: hemline: High-low hemline is so last year. We have seen models dressed up in high-low hemline tops, kurtas, dresses and skirts.  Asymmetrical hemline is the new craze of the season. Dresses in asymmetrical hemline give a cool feel. Also, they accentuate your curves in the right way.

Life in plastic: Life in plastic, believe it or not, has been a hot trend in 2018. Clear-knee mom jeans was one of the most bought items during the year and was paired with almost everything. Apart from looking very distasteful, they are also very inconvenient to wash and dry because if you use the dryer, a part of your pants would melt. It’s time to get rid of those 
plastic shoes, bags and pants and move forward to 2019. 

Shraddha Pacheriwal

(VP Design, Raisin)