Culinary tips: Get the fish right in the dish

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Fish is one of the easiest meats to cook. However, it’s tricky, too. For, it has to be cooked just right to be flavoursome and moist. It can be baked, broiled, steamed, oven-cooked, slow-cooked, pan-fried or deep-fried. The best part of cooking fish is that it requires very little spices, and gets done quickly. Here are a few tips that can make cooking fish a fun experience:

  •  Fish should be cleaned under running water, dried with paper towels, and smeared with lime juice & salt.
  •  While making a curry, boil it well till the raw smell is gone, and then add fish to it. Keep it on sim, covered only for a few minutes, or till such time the meat looks opaque.
  • To check if the fish is cooked, take a fork or knife and stick it into the thickest part of the fillet or whole fish. If the meat comes out easily and is opaque, the fish is done.
  • If you’re baking, grease the baking pan before placing the fish in it, and baste it with butter and lemon juice at least four times during the process. Also, cover the baking pan with aluminium foil so that the fish remains moist.
  • If frying fish in a pan, make sure that the fish is refrigerated until it is ready to be cooked. Heat oil over medium heat, then add the fish. Never overcrowd the pan as it will lower the temperature of the oil and result in the fish absorbing too much oil. 
  • If you like your fish fry brown, fish should be dipped in cornflour seasoned with salt and pepper or red chilli powder before frying. Once removed from the pan, lay the fried fish on paper towels so that excess oil gets drained.
  • Always fry fish of uniform size for even cooking. Also, thinner the pieces, the faster the frying process.
  • If grilling, oil both the fish and the grilling grate so that the fish doesn’t stick to the grill grate. Keep the fish to be grilled away from direct heat so that the cooking process is slowed down, allowing the centre of the fish to get cooked.
  • If grilling the fish over direct heat is inevitable, then heat should be medium, and the fish pieces, thin.
  • Oily fish like tuna and salmon are best grilled, poached or steamed, unlike lean fish.

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Culinary tips: Get the fish right in the dish


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