Drink, the keto way

Drink, the keto way

Want to sip yummy beverages but worried that you will screw up your diet? Well, fret not. Here are some keto cocktail recipes that are high on taste but low on carbs

The Prome Granate

The Prome-Granate

Ingredients: Tanqueray gin 60 ml, lemon juice 5 ml, sugar syrup 5 ml, fresh pomegranate ½ cup, soda 120 ml, pomegranate wheel for garnish.

Method: Put the fresh pomegranate in a hurricane glass, muddle it gently. Add Tanqueray gin, lime juice and sugar. Stir well and put 4-5 ice cubes. Top up with soda. 

Noix De Coco

Ingredients: Vodka 60 ml, lemon juice 5 ml, triple sec syrup 5 ml, tender coconut 120 ml, crushed ice, blue curacao/grenadine, fresh coconut, white flower for garnish.

Method: In a cocktail shaker, add fresh coconut water and vodka. Add lime juice, triple sec syrup and ice. Shake well and pour it inside the fresh coconut. Close the whole coconut with crushed ice and drop blue curacao/grenadine.

Strawberry Brut

Ingredients: Fresh strawberries 8-10, strawberry crush 5 ml, lemon juice 2 ml (optional), champagne 120 ml, a half slice of fresh strawberry for garnish.

Method: Blend fresh strawberry, strawberry crush, lemon juice and some ice cubes. Pour this in a champagne flute till half of the glass. Top up with champagne. Pour the mixture in a cocktail shaker and mix with champagne. Strain in the champagne flute till half of the glass. Fill up with crushed ice.


Ingredients: Bacardi white rum 60 ml, fresh watermelon 4-5 slices, fresh lime juice 5 ml, mint leaf 8-10, crushed ice, watermelon syrup 5 drops, grape juice 60 ml, half of a watermelon.

Method: Muddle fresh watermelon in a cocktail shaker. Add mint leaves and muddle once again gently. Add fresh lime juice, grape juice and watermelon syrup. Stir well. Strain inside the watermelon and add crushed ice. Then stir well.

Tangerine Martini

Ingredients: Vodka 45 ml, triple sec 15 ml, tangerine juice, orange peel or garnish.

Method: Pour vodka, triple sec and tangerine juice into a shaker and shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass.

(The author is head bartender, Storytellers’ Bar, The Promenade, Pondicherry)

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