Monsoon indulgence

Monsoon indulgence

When the skies open up, it's time to indulge in some yummy fare

Pani puri with sundal and kacchi kairi ka paani

The rain brings relief from the scorching heat. With the onset of a new season, we have to take care of what and how we eat food. Of course, hot tea and deep-fried bhaajis are mouthwatering during the rains, but it is always safe to stay away from street food. But here are some mouthwatering recipes perfect for this lovely season:

Double-cooked chicken wraps


Chicken breast: 1 piece

Baby asparagus: 4 pieces

Salt: 5 gm

Pepper: 2 gm

Dijon mustard: 10 gm

Crushed coriander seeds: 4 gm

Roasted red chilli: 1 gm

Bacon strips: 1 piece

Quinoa: 50 gm


Marinate the chicken with Dijon mustard, salt pepper. Dry roast the coriander seeds and red chilly. Crackle it in a mortar pestle. Place the fresh asparagus in the chicken breast and wrap it up with bacon strips. Sear the meat on a hot plate. Finish the cooking process in the oven in the steam. The quinoa has to be steamed in the stock water with seasonings.


Pani puri with sundal & kacchi kairi ka pani


Pani puri- 6 pieces

Raw mango: 100 gm

Salt: 5 gm

Pepper: 2 gm

Roasted cumin powder: 10 gm

Boiled whole black chana dal: 30 gm

Grated coconut: 10 gm

Chopped raw mango: 5 gm

Mint leaves: 5 gm

Hing: 1 gm

Coriander leaves: 5 gm

Chaat masala: 5 gm


Boil the fresh mangoes until mushy. Mash the pulp and whisk it into the chilled water. Add the seasonings to the water. Stuff the pani puri
with sundal with chopped raw mango and enjoy the raw mango pani shots in a glass.

(The author is executive chef, Elior India)