Baby care products now go green

Baby care products now go green

Eco-friendly products are making inroads in Indian markets.


The market for baby care products in India was valued at Rs 1,200 crore in 2015 but by 2020, it is set to touch Rs 1,598 crore.

Experts say that the potential of the baby care segment is still underserved and needs to be harnessed. With parents choosing more and more eco-friendly and green products these days, the potential for such organic products is extremely bright.

In the last few years, there has been a surge of startups that offer innovative approaches in terms of creating products.  

♦ There are a variety of natural and organic water-based baby wipes that offer a hygienic and safe cleansing experience. The wipes are made from plants. Since they contain no added synthetic fragrance, they are safe to clean the baby’s hands and mouth. They protect the baby from all kinds of chemical intake and shield the babies from allergies and infections. Some of the available baby wipes are clinically tested for various conditions while some are certified by renowned global bodies.

♦ Waterproof sheets for babies protect the mattresses and beds and are specially designed with skin-friendly and breathable material. They are extremely soft and have strong absorbent properties. 

♦ Parents can also buy baby carriers that are ergonomically designed and are made from breathable, strong and baby skin-friendly material.

♦ Cold pressed natural and organic coconut oil is suited for an oil massage that will help the baby sleep better. Using extra virgin oil locks in 10 times more moisture.

(The author is founder, Mother Sparsh)