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Fit n' Fab

Trying to get fit? Read on...

I have been told women shouldn’t do weight training. Is this true? I am keen on taking it up.  — Milana Mohan

This is a topic I love. I would like to start by saying, women MUST do weight training. If you want to age gracefully, you must weight train. A woman’s body is not capable of bulking up like a man’s. Men have more testosterone and women have more oestrogen and that’s the reason we can’t bulk up. Weight training will give you that toned look you have always desired. It will make you physically and mentally strong, and also prevent injuries.

I wish to lose my weight the healthy way. I don’t feel motivated to follow a strict workout regimen and I also want to control my urge to eat junk food. Can you suggest a good fitness routine for me?  — Rashmi Tippannavar

Weight loss is a by-product of exercise. A good exercise regime, which is long and tough along with good eating habits, will get you your desired result. Start with anything you love, it could be dance or a sport. Do it three times a week and once you see the results, enrol at a group fitness centre to have fun and stay motivated. Choose classes like boxing, zumba, yoga etc, workout five to six days a week and follow a good meal plan. Replace unhealthy foods with healthy ones. If you are craving for something sweet, choose dates, choose a fruit instead of a cookie or cake.

I am 20 and I weigh 84 kg. I joined a gym, but that didn’t help. I have even stopped eating junk food, but my weight hasn’t gone down at all. I love walking and cycling and I do it regularly. Can you suggest some simple workouts I can try at home? — Abdul Muhaimin

I am happy to hear that you have stopped eating junk this will help in a big way. Walking and cycling are great cardio workouts. So you should start with brisk walking, cycle thrice a week for 30 minutes and do some home workouts on alternate days. Follow this and you can reach your goal in two months.

I am in my 30s and I am trying to conceive. My husband and I are relatively fit. Are there any exercises that can improve fertility? — SV

When you are trying to conceive its important to be active and exercise. Walking is one of the most neglected exercises, but the benefits of it are plenty including weight loss. If you are already doing some kind of workout, continue and maybe you can add walking to it. Consider doing some cardio four to five times a week with running, swimming, cycling etc. If you are walking, go for 30-minute walks at least five times a week. You can also try some home workouts for your abs, buttocks and thighs. Keep your activities short and strong.


Fitness expert at Curefit, Shwetambari Shetty specialises in zumba, cross-fit, functional and kettlebell exercises.