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Fit n' Fab

Rev up your workouts with tips from our expert

I will be turning 40 next month and I am on a mission to quit smoking. Will exercise help me fight the urge? What are the exercises that a middle-aged must do? — Vijay V

Exercise will definitely help you curb the urge to smoke. It will take your mind off the terrible habit for sure. However, you will need to start slow, with walking, jogging, cycling or yoga. Basically, go for low-intensity workouts, as your lung functionality may have deteriorated because of smoking. So you may feel exhausted after short workouts. The trick is to start slow and be consistent.

I am in my 20s and I am planning to join a spin class because it sounds fun. Will it help reduce belly fat? — Pravina Nair

Cycling will definitely help burn fat, reduce weight and it will target belly fat more when you keep the handlebar low and engage your abs more. So please go ahead and take up a spin class.

I am in my 30s and I suffer from PCOS. Can yoga help me deal with the condition? If yes, what are the asanas that I need to practice especially for this? — Tasneem B

Exercise will certainly help you combat PCOS. If you are looking at yoga, in particular, try the following asanas: badhakonasana, supta badhakonasana, bharadvajasana,
, naukasana and dhanurasana. You must focus on avoiding weight gain, increasing fertility and improving gastrointestinal functionality.

I have recently turned 50. I want to know what kind of an exercise routine a woman my age should follow. Please help. — Gayatri Tambe

If you haven’t exercised for many years, start with walking, brisk walking, light jogging, yoga, swimming or dance-based workouts and gradually progress to some strength-based workouts, body weight strength or free weights. Strength training will help you keep your bone density up. As we age and go through degeneration, strength training should become an integral aspect of our fitness routine.

Shwetambari Shetty is a fitness expert at Curefit.

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