No dampeners

No dampeners

Rains always evoke a strong sense of joy or gloom — rarely anything in between. Anjali Sareen suggests ways to stay fit if you have been falling back on your regime due to the rains


There is that feeling of joy and energy brought about by the sound of rain and thunder, the freshness of leaves and trees and an easing of higher temperatures. Along with of course the traffic snarls, water-logging, and power shutdowns. But whether the rains make you happy or not, the one thing common for most is the desire to indulge in cups of your favourite brew — be it tea/coffee/cocoa. Accompanied of course with the urge for hot, fried, yummy and completely unhealthy snacks of hot pakoras, bhajjis, jalebis and more.

Even the most motivated fitness enthusiasts find their enthusiasm and focus getting dampened with the combination of monsoon woes and the urge to binge that accompany the rains.

The DIY option

For many, home workouts become an easy alternative to venturing out in the rain.

There is an ever-increasing number of workout-related apps and internet videos providing tips and workouts to exercise at home.

With so many varied workouts to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the most appropriate workout suitable to your level and goals. Further, if the exercises are not done with the right form and muscle emphasis, weeks or months of doing them incorrectly can lead to stress and injuries.

Working out at home is a great alternative for those really impossible-to-get-out days. However, keep in mind the importance and need for training with experienced instructors who will be able to guide you according to your specific needs — so your efforts see the right kind of results.

Staying on track

Exercise is an activity that, for most, requires much commitment and discipline — to stay motivated and on track. Switching to home-workouts may seem an easy solution — to avoid having to deal with monsoon troubles in terms of getting out of the house and more. However, it can also be easy to slip up on staying regular and motivated. 

After all, when at home, relaxing with a hot cup of your favourite brew along with some of those monsoon snacks can feel much more appealing. And before you know it, you realise that you have fallen far behind in your workouts and fitness goals.

Make your effort count

Scheduling workouts at the fitness studio keeps you accountable and on track. And there is much to be said about walking into the studio, feeling the energy and motivation of being with others who are exercising that pushes one into putting in that little extra intensity which may not have happened when working out alone at home.

Work with your schedule to fit in your workout trips to the studio, planning them around times when you are less likely to be hit by traffic pile-ups and heavy downpours.

Outdoor sessions

Runners, cyclists, walkers and all those playing outdoor sports find their fitness routines getting derailed during the monsoon months. But it really needn’t be so.

Not being able to get outdoors does not have to mean no workout. In fact, it’s a great time to take some of your workouts into the studio — to work with different training programmes to strengthen and condition for improved performance in your outdoor activity.

And of course, all days are not the same — there will be days when the rain is missing, allowing you to get out there, workout and enjoy some of the good monsoon energy.

Monsoon concerns

Rains tend to foster an environment of infections and other seasonal illnesses such as cold, flu, viral infections, stomach bugs.

Eating to fortify against these with immunity-enhancing foods such as ginger tea, turmeric milk, vitamin C rich foods helps build resistance.

Staying well-hydrated is important — it is easy to slip up on our water intake in the monsoon weather.

Monsoon temptations in food and drink are hard to resist — and before long, all of it starts to show up in terms of inches and kilos.

Monsoon binges coupled with irregular workouts can result in the fitness and health routine getting derailed.

Another reason to stay consistent with workouts is that it allows some guilt-free indulgences.

Energised & balanced

With some planning, one can find the right balance between working out, eating and staying fortified - enabling one to enjoy all that monsoon has to offer.

And for those days when the rain-gods conspire to make it near impossible to get out, there’s always a wonderful option for the mind and body — turn on the music and dance to the beats and the sound of rain!

(The author is co-owner, The Zone Mind & Body Studio)