How to gain muscle without getting fat

How to gain muscle without getting fat

Exercising today is all about increasing flexibility and gaining muscle mass, not fat. Shalini Bhargava lists out some mean muscle building techniques

weight lifting

Most jobs today are desk-bound, thereby giving an open invitation to niggling aches and pains. The only way to ward off such niggles that are professional hazards is to workout so as to increase flexibility, strength and fitness.

Exercising on a daily basis helps in reducing the chances of the accumulation of body fats while increasing muscle mass. Exercises focus on boosting body metabolic rate and eventually help in burning unwanted calories. However, many lifters search endlessly for the best method or secret for building muscle without getting fat, which isn’t complicated. But the real way to get bigger, stronger, and leaner lies in regular workouts performed with ruthless consistency.

Add these to your training schedule to gain muscle mass and lose fat:


Squats and deadlifts aid in muscle-building. Deadlifts work on over 20 muscles including your biceps, quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, core, traps, forearms, lower and upper back and shoulder muscle groups. 


Known as the monarch of exercises, squats offer a fine unification of balance, movement and functional strength. These are intended to efficiently aim at working out your lower posterior muscles, glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. To attain an intricate fitness level, class of life and functionality, one must be able to execute a restrained deep squat. 


One more form of whimsical workout, lunges, offer many of the benefits attached with squats with the additional benefit of stability as you try to co-ordinate steadfastness while moving on one leg. 

Push-up exercise

Push-up exercises encompass pushing movements. This can be further fragmented down into horizontal and pushing. Any pushing exercise will make use of some combination of chest, triceps and shoulders. Centred on the precise angle of the push, these muscles will be moved and utilised to some extent in a dissimilar way.


These movements consist of nothing but rowing or pulling. Just like a pushing workout, pulling can be categorised into two main groups, namely vertical and horizontal pulling. For those who are glued to the desk, horizontal pulling exercises are the finest choice since they help in revitalising nearly all the postural muscles positioned in the back and will simplify in balancing out the drooping, rounded position of the shoulder, effected due to a seated posture at the desk.

Loaded carries

These are nothing but very simply put, walking exercises while you carry heavy weights. These heavy objects can be either saddlebags, barbells, kettlebells or dumbbells. One must hold on to a heavy kettlebell in each hand and walk elegantly while maintaining a flawless posture. Loaded carries will aid in the maintenance of your physique and will significantly help in tightening the core muscles and assist in the steadiness of muscles around the hip while also simplifying body conditioning.

Front, side planks

Planks are very advantageous in averting undesirable body movements through the core as they enable working out the lower body and hips. While attempting planking variations, core steadiness is crucial and so also is the positioning of your legs while tightening the glute muscles.

Try the above stated exercises and get equipped to pack on some serious muscles.

(The author is director,
JG Fitness Centre)