Coral for men

Coral for men

Hey man! It’s time you went in for coral, too...

A grey shirt teamed up with pleated coral trousers and with black loafers or moccasins will lend an enriching look.

A couple of years back, one would not imagine a man to dress up in anything besides white, black, blue or beige, hence flushing bright pastel colours like coral, pink, rose, pale pink and salmon down the drain. No longer posing a risk to masculinity, pastel shades these days have turned out to be a staple, be it for pants, trousers, blazers, shirts or t-shirts, thus dominating the men’s wardrobe like never before.

Whatsoever the type may be, the ‘on-trend’ man today is delighted to be encircled in diverse shades of pink. The pink shade of living coral by Pantone is all set to become the unique neutral tone encompassing all the proficiencies of the outstanding and current red carpet-favoured quality of blue. 

Thus, one question that may leave you anticipating is why the pinkish-peach shade? Sociable, energetic and powerful, the alluring nature of living coral is known to welcome and inspire light-hearted activity. Suggesting our characteristic need for positivity, assurance and jubilant quests, this shade exemplifies our desire for playful expression. In addition, the hue which originated underwater resonates with how coral ranges offer shelter to a varied mixture of submerged colours.

As far as donning it is concerned, the light hue has a possibility to be a bit tricky for men to nail. However, when worn in a proper manner, this shade can offer nothing but a refreshing update to your closet. So, get ahead of the game by grooming your wardrobe with a couple of best picks of coral apparel pieces which will surely take the sartorial scene by storm:

How to nail the coral look

• The best way to make this shade look enticing on you is to invest in a comfortable pair of coral trousers, regardless, if it’s a casual or a formal one. Coral can be effortlessly co-ordinated with other hues, navy blue, black, browns, beige and white, to name a few.

• A grey shirt teamed up with pleated coral trousers and with black loafers or moccasins will lend an enriching look. Teaming up a coral formal shirt with a black bomber jacket can be as eye-catching as imaginable. One can go bold by blending coral with various patterns and prints, like animal prints, florals, checks or even stripes.

• When paired with blues, soft corals may sound understated, but when tailored in the right way, they can be as noticeable as a lively pop of colour.

 • A soft coral cashmere sweater, sweatshirt or a pullover paired with navy blue trousers or a coral jacket over a blue t-shirt with white shorts will lend a fascinating winter look.  Soften up a typical all-black ensemble with some corals for a statement look, don’t forget to accentuate these with the appropriate kind of accessories.

• Purple and coral, when worn with dignity, will make for a perfect summer outfit. Coral is attractive for all kinds of skin tones, and the deep rich purple tones lend it just the accurate amount of divergence and not look too striking.

The subtle candyfloss shade of living corals actually demonstrates that when two colours come together in an organised manner, it’s nothing but pure visual harmony.

(The author is founder & CEO, Corporate Collars)