Let your hair do the talking!

Let your hair do the talking!

What will trend in the space of hairstyles in the coming days? Adhuna Bhabani reveals...

The hair colour techniques will be free and unstructured in keeping with the direction that the hair texture is moving in 2019.

We are almost three months into the new year and the beauty scene is already taking shape with many trending styles. When it comes to hair, there are lots of styles doing the rounds. Here are some of the major trends that are set to rule the hairstyle space in 2019:

Firstly, more texture and natural progression is the theme for 2019. The cutting is very freestyle, using the scissors to create a ‘character’ for the hair, and the finish is almost made to look like you are ‘coming in from, not going out to a party’. For example, I loved Kalki’s hair in Gully Boy. It’s modern shag with a shattered fringe in warm chocolate.

As far as hair colour is concerned, it usually tends to be something very personal. The colour techniques will be free and unstructured in keeping with the direction that the hair texture is moving in 2019.

Pastel shades will still be very prominent for those wanting to make a colour statement. Candy pink, silver grey and ultraviolet hues are also equally popular. With the influence of the 80s fashion in 2019, there’s going to be a lot more pop colours like tangerine and acid yellow making a comeback, too. You can also opt to go in for a balayage or ombré, perfect to flaunt the darkness of your natural hair colour at the top.

Semi-blondes are for those who want a bolder look and who would like to go a few shades brighter than their natural hair colour. This can be done with highlights. For global colour, even if you’re doing this at home, when picking a shade, it’s important to keep in mind your skin tone and eye colour. Depending on what you prefer, you can pick from a variety of natural tones like warm browns including chocolate, honey and caramel, and vibrant reds like mahogany and burgundy. Always remember to go for the shine. You can tell a quality hair colour with the shine that it delivers. Great colour and shine should go hand in hand.

However, for your hair colour to last longer and not fade, be sure to maintain the vibrancy by using a shampoo and conditioner combination with colour-protect properties. You will find many shampoos and conditioners in the market that have been developed keeping exactly this in mind. They not only double up the protection, but also help protect one’s mane from the harsh sunlight.

(The author is founder and creative director, BBLUNT)