New year, new style

New year, new style

Frilly designs, textured fabrics, eclectic prints — what will dominate the fashion world in 2019? Nasrin Modak Siddiqi gets fashion designers talking about the trends that will take off in the coming months...

Crop tops are set to trend in 2019, too.

It’s never too early to think about the styles that will dominate our wardrobes in the near days so that you can plan better. 2019 will have a bunch of trends to watch out for in terms of unusual colour, cuts and silhouettes. Here are a few trends that you can expect to see a lot in 2019. Bonus: we’ve got you covered for the wedding season, too:

The devil is in the detail 

The deal is in the details. “Look for thread work, sharp cuts and silhouettes on modern fabrics that make a statement,” says menswear designer Kunal Rawal. There will be embroidery trends, highlighted with sequins and metallic work too. “Comfortable occasion wear like culottes, crop blouses and jackets will be wardrobe staples and textural details like ruffles, crochet, layers, sheer, tie-ups, bows and leather details will be the foundation of eye-catching statement pieces,” says designer Payal Singhal.

Time to break it down

Functionality and versatility is an important aspect to dress well. “Go for de-constructed outfits with functional details that can be broken down and worn in multiple ways as occasion wear,” suggests Rawal. Think structured jackets, bundis and sherwanis for men. “For women, tulle tops, pleated crepe and layered tulle tops are going to make a comeback. Bold and feminine, they are best for adding translucent layers in summers and can be dressed up or down for any look,” says young designer Kresha Bajaj.

Self-expression to the fore

Modern day fashion is all about voicing your inner self and it is interesting to see a lot of millennials do it as well. “Designs which act as a way of expression of one’s passion and interests is what shoppers are now looking for,” notices Rawal.

Prints, prints, & more prints

Bajaj thinks that painterly prints with their robust and skillfully controlled brush strokes and vivid colours can add a lot of character to pieces without making them look dated. These will easily make heads turn.

Animals instincts

Faux animal prints and skins will continue to grow in the next season. “The trend championed by Chanel who have agreed to ban fur and exotic skins from its collections and use faux animal skins instead is a good welcome,” says Bajaj.

Many layers to unfold

A trend you can’t go wrong with is layering. “Play with different combinations by investing in layered clothing, so it could be relevant during spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons. Extended tunics, dresses and asymmetrically cut jackets are layered with a creative application, worn over fluid trousers or leisure pants. This kind of lightweight layering allows the use of exaggerated proportions, providing an effortless appeal for contemporary silhouettes,” says Bajaj.

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Layering is trending right now

Bottoms up

It’s always a good idea to invest in basic bottoms. “A pencil skirt, a flowy maxi, cigarette pants and well-tailored palazzos in neutral tones can be paired with all kinds of tops - casual, semi-formal or formal - to take any outfit from average to elegant and timeless,” says Bajaj. 

An unusual trend is how bottom-wear has shaped its way with culottes, pants and skirts and is preferred over lehengas even for festive wear. “Slits and flared pants will be an integral part of these bottoms along with fringes, feathers, tassels and embellishments,” predicts designer Payal Singhal.

Jump the gun

Keeping it utilitarian, jumpsuits are a practical option for a formal dinner or a black-tie event. Designers in the west have totally taken to the sequin jumpsuits. “Look for those highlighted with feminine accents or pair them with jackets,” recommends Singhal.

Sleeves so nice

Another trend feature is statement sleeves. Think accentuated shoulders, enlarged puffs and bell sleeves. “The one-shoulder trend is back and is making its way into gowns, dresses, jumpsuits and tops,” says Singhal.

Colour me bright

With ‘living coral’ as the Pantone colour of the year, Singhal says, “reds, mustard, greys, stone and khaki, burgundy, wine and corals are emerging to the top. Along with that, Bajaj thinks psychedelic pink too will be a key colour for the next year. In addition to it, Rawal predicts that we shall be seeing plenty of slate blues, blush pinks, olives, charcoal greys, dark aubergines and deep wine.

For the brides of 2019...

The shift in bridal and occasion wear is evident now as kurtas, bustiers and shararas will continue to be a favourite next year, too. “Ensembles that look distinctive and versatile are a big hit amongst brides. Traditional choli and dupatta are now swapped with chic embellished flared jackets that can be paired with lehengas or palazzo pants as they’re more comfortable. Elegant capes paired with lehengas are very versatile, they can later be stylishly paired with jeans for other occasions,” suggests designer Monica Shah, JADE.

Shah thinks more and more brides are deviating from the norm and turning to off-beat colours such as champagne, platinum, blacks, and earthy tones. Bajaj thinks, “The dusty hue of the old rose exudes a vintage vibe while the freshness of the pink brings out the rosiness in any woman’s features. Another trending shade is silvery gold. This two-toned colour will be popular with the wedding season as it will allow a bride to wear both golden and silver jewellery. 

Singhal says, “Deeper hues make way through pastels and neutrals and combining them seems the most exciting trend for 2019. Wine with rose pink, emerald green with peaches, burgundy with stone and mustard with teal are just some of the color harmonies suitable for the season.”